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Fashion Core Elective Table II and III

Students must complete a total of 12 of the courses from Table II and Table III including a minimum of three (3) courses from Table III.


CMN 450 Participatory Media and Communication
FDL 240 New Fashion Business Models
FDL 340 Strategic Communications in Fashion
FFC 200 Fashion Photography
FFC 224 Illustration: The Fashioned Body
FFC 324 Lifestyle and Product Illustration
FFC 403 Communication Design II
FFC 405 Web Design
FFC 552 Typography and Graphic Design
FFC 750 Collaborative Studio
FFD 213 Fashion Design II
FFD 300 Computer Aided Design I
FFD 303 Digital Illustration for Fashion
FFD 324 Illustration for Fashion Design
FFD 410 Draping I
FFD 501 Contour Design
FFD 503 Knitwear Design
FFD 504 Block Development I
FFD 520 Block Development II
FFD 610 Draping II
FFD 613 Advanced Fashion Design II
FFD 620 Special Topics in Fashion Design
FFD 650 Responsible Fashion Design
FFD 660 Compassion Couture
FFD 780 Couture Traditions
FFD 790 Bespoke Tailoring
FFS 402 Fashion and Modernity
FFS 511 Fashion and Material Culture
FMF 230 Creative Process: Motif to Textile
FMF 235 Jewellery Design
FMF 240 Indigenous Craft Practices
FMF 330 Prototyping and Modelling
FMF 335 Millinery Design
FSN 209 Digital Textile Design
FSN 302 Fashion Histories: Ancient to Pre-modern
FSN 304 Fashion Journalism and Copy Writing
FSN 502 Small Goods: Leather and Fur Design
FSN 504 Fashion Culture - Suffragettes to CEO’s
FSN 506 Surface Design
FSN 510 Fashion Film, Cinema and New Media
FSN 520 Land and Fashion
FSN 600 Design Justice
FSN 605 Fashioning he/she/they
FSN 610 Carnival Arts
FSN 703 Visual Merchandising and Display
FSN 704 Dress-Cultural Transformation
FSN 706 Fashion Event Planning
FSN 715 Fashion Illustration and Diversity
FSN 720 Illustration and Fashion Activism
MKT 100 Principles of Marketing
MKT 300 Marketing Metrics and Analysis
MKT 400 Understanding Consumers and the New Media
MKT 504 Effective Persuasion
THP 315 Corsetry: History and Construction
THP 845 Costume III
THT 419 Costume Design II

Core Elective Table III

Students must complete a minimum of three (3) courses from Table III.


FDL 540 Strategic Leadership in Fashion
FDL 620 Special Topics in Design Leadership
FDL 640 Fashion Futures
FDL 806 Fashion Promotion
FDL 850 Social Innovation in Fashion
FFC 300 Art Direction for Fashion
FFC 301 Packaging Design
FFC 400 Communication and Emerging Media
FFC 603 Advertising Design
FFC 605 Product Development
FFC 652 Publication Design
FFC 620 Special Topics in Communication
FFC 705 Advanced Image Making
FFD 400 Computer Aided Design II
FFD 502 Fur Design
FFD 513 Advanced Fashion Design I
FFS 610 Special Topics in Fashion Studies 
FFS 702 Fashion and the Abject Body
FFS 710 Post-Colonial Perspectives
FMF 530 Wearable Technologies
FMF 601 Textile Development
FMF 620 Special Topics in Materials and Fabrication
FMF 635 Advanced Accessory Design
FMF 702 Leather Design
FSN 400 Fashion in International Markets
FSN 507 Digital Product Management
FSN 555 History of Fashion Images
FSN 700 Advanced Illustration
FSN 710 Human Centred Design
FSN 711 Curation and Exhibition
FSN 712 Creative Design