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Fashion Professionally-Related Table II

Fashion Communication and Fashion Design students must successfully complete two courses from Table II before graduation.

FCD 558 Intro to Design Thinking
FDL 140 Managing Fashion Enterprises
FDL 150 Project Management
FDL 240 New Fashion Business Models
FDL 340 Strategic Communication in Fashion
FDL 540 Strategic Leadership in Fashion
FDL 640 Fashion Futures
FDL 850 Social Innovation in Fashion
FFD 660 Compassionate Couture
FFS 102 Dress, The Body, and Identity
FFS 402 Fashion and Modernity
FFS 511 Fashion and Media Culture
FFS 702 Fashion and the Abject Body
FFS 710 Post-Colonial Perspectives
FFS 610 Topics in Fashion Studies
FSN 501 Advanced Colour Theory
FSN 503 Design, Text and Ideas
FSN 504 Fashion Culture - Suffragettes to CEO's
FSN 508 World Fashion: Contemporary Perspectives
FSN 509 Topics in Fashion History and Theory
FSN 510 Fashion Film, Cinema and New Media
FSN 520 Land and Fashion
FSN 525 Indigenous Fashion
FSN 555 History of Fashion Illustration
FSN 556 Design and Cultural Diversity
FSN 557 Design and Arts Writing
FSN 598 Special Topics I
FSN 599 Special Topics II
FSN 600 Design Justice
FSN 610 Carnival Arts
FSN 698 Special Topics III
FSN 699 Special Topics IV
FSN 704 Dress-Cultural Transformation