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Fashion Professionally-Related Table III

Fashion Communication and Fashion Design students must successfully complete two courses from Table III before graduation.

Courses marked with an asterisk (*) are available to Fashion Design students only.

ACC 340 Financial Management
BSM 100 The New Business: From Idea to Reality
BSM 200 The Growing Business: Breaking Even
BSM 600 The Mature Business
CMN 288 Communication and Social Media
CMN 305 Strategic Public Relations in ProCom
CMN 306 Risk and Crisis Communication
CMN 313 Organizational Problem Solving and Report Writing
CMN 314 Professional Presentations
CMN 315 Issues in Organizational Communication
CMN 373* Fashion Communication
CMN 413 Corporate Communications
CMN 414 Interpersonal Communication
CMN 443 Contemporary Intercultural Communication
CMN 450 Participatory Media and Communication
CPS 513 Introduction to Multimedia Computation
ECN 220 Evolution of the Global Economy
EID 100 Digital Skills: Int'l Innovation
ENT 100 Applied Entrepreneurship
ENT 500 New Venture Startup
ENT 501 Family Business in Canada
ENT 505 Small-Business Management
ENT 526 Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Strategy
ENT 527 Theories in Entrepreneurship
ENT 601 Identifying Opportunities
ENT 725 Management of Innovation
ENT 727 Applied Research in Entrepreneurship
FCD 204  Data Visualization
FCD 210 Text, Image and Sound 
FCD 222 Coding for Creatives 
FCD 230 Topics in Communication Design
FCD 309 Design for Sustainability
FCD 362* Designing for Web and Cross-Media (FCAD Elective)
FCD 551 Digital Media and Network Culture (FCAD Elective)
FCD 558 Intro to Design Thinking (FCAD Elective)
FCD 580 Project in Creative Technology
FCD 815 FCAD's Design Solutions Supercourse I
FCD 816 Global Campus Studio Supercourse I
FCD 842 Building a Media Brand (FCAD Elective)
FCD 918 Media Ethics
FCD 920* Visual Story Production
FCD 962 Designing Interactions
FRE 303 French and Fashion
GCM 110 Introduction to Graphic Communications
GCM 710 The Art of the Book
GCM 720 Magazine Production and Publishing
GCM 738 Photoshopped! The Art of Image Retouching
GCM 750 3D Printing
GCM 754 Sign and Display Graphics
GMS 200 Introduction to Global Management
GMS 410 Management-Large Corporation
GMS 455 Project Planning and Delivery
GMS 520 International Business
HIS 755 Themes in Material Culture
IDF 400 Introduction to World Textile History
ITM 350 Concepts of e-Business
MHR 405 Organizational Behaviour
MKT 300 Marketing Metrics and Analysis
MKT 310 Marketing Plans
MKT 400 Understanding Consumers and the New Media
MKT 500 Marketing Research
MKT 504* Effective Persuasion
MKT 510 Innovations in Marketing
MKT 600 Integrated Case Analysis
MKT 700 Business Intelligence/Decision Modeling
MKT 723 Services Marketing
MKT 730 Assessing/Managing Market Opportunities
MKT 731 Competitive Intelligence
NPF 553 Advanced Topics in Modern Art and Cinema
NPF 554 Advanced Topics in Contemporary Art
PHL 307 Business Ethics
PHL 921 Intellectual Property and Technology
PSY 209 Industrial Psychology
PSY 217 Psychology and Design
PSY 518 Environmental Psychology
PSY 714 Visual Information Processing
PSY 814 Principles of Aesthetic Production
PSY 941 Cross Cultural Psychology
RMG 100 Issues and Innovations in Retailing I
RMG 200 Intro to Retail and Services Management
RMG 400 Merchandise Buying and Planning I
RMG 909 Advanced Buying Process II
RMG 914 Sector Studies
RMG 922 Retailing 2.0: Social Media Marketing
SOC 931 Waste and Consumerism
THP 315 Corsetry: History and Construction
THP 333 Costume: Special Topics
THP 845 Costume III
THT 419 Costume Design II