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Image Arts Professional Table I

Students must complete a total of three single-term courses (or equivalent) from Table I, between 5th & 8th semester.

FCD 204 Data Visualization
FCD 230 Topics in Communication
FCD 309 Design for Sustainability
FCD 362 Designing for Web and Cross-Media (FCAD Elective)
FCD 580 Project in Creative Technology
FCD 815 FCAD's Design Solutions Supercourse I
FCD 816 Global Campus Studio Supercourse I
FCD 817 Live Event Supercourse I
FCD 827 Live Event Supercourse II
FPN 501 Scenography I: Art Direction
FPN 506 New Approaches in Documentary Photography
FPN 512 Microcinema
FPN 513 Creative Coding
FPN 519 Soundscapes and Sonic Environments
FPN 601 Scenography II - Production Design
FPN 502 Directing Screen Performance - Basic Principles
FPN 602 Directing Screen Performance - Advanced
FPN 503 Screenwriting I
FPN 603 Screenwriting II
FPN 323 Sound Design for Visual Media I
FPN 531 Cinematography and Lighting Design I
FPN 532 Advanced Studio Lighting
FPN 533 Sound Design for Visual Media II
FPN 534 Graphic Design
FPN 535 User Experience Design
FPN 536 Media Business Practices
FPN 537 Immersive Imaging
FPN 538 Visual Storytelling on the Web
FPN 539 The Human Figure
FPN 541 Digital Animation Concepts
FPN 542 Design for Mobile Devices
FPN 543 Historical Processes Workshops
FPN 544 Experimental Film Processes
FPN 545 Hybrid Media Workshop
FPN 546 Curation and Exhibition
FPN 547 Co-Operative Internship
FPN 550 Creative Editing
FPN 710 IMA International  
FPN 720 Virtual Cameras: Intro to 3D
NPF 555 Experimental Media
NPF 568 Analogue as Meaning
FPN 600 Visual Effects for Film I
FPN 631 Cinematography and Lighting Design II
FPN 632 Advanced Studio Lighting II
FPN 633 Topics in Contemporary Art
FPN 634 Graphic Design II: Brand Identity
FPN 700 Visual Effects for Film II