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FCAD Core Elective Table

Not all courses will be offered every year, subject to course intentions and resource allocations.

Enrolment is subject to course requisites, timetabling constraints, and program-specific restrictions listed below.

FCD 121
Design Literacy
FCD 204
Discovering Data Storytelling
FCD 210
Text, Image and Sound
FCD 222
Coding for Creatives
FCD 230
Topics in Communication and Design
FCD 240
History of Art and Design: Global Survey
FCD 309
Design for Sustainability
FCD 362
Web and Cross-Media Design
FCD 540
Marketing for Creatives
FCD 551
Digital Media and Cultures
FCD 558
Intro to Design Thinking
FCD 580
Project in Creative Technology
FCD 760
Diversity: Creative Work
FCD 810
Immersion in Communication and Design
FCD 815
FCAD's Design Solutions Supercourse I
FCD 816
Global Campus Studio Supercourse I
FCD 817
Live Events Supercourse I
FCD 825
FCAD's Design Solutions Supercourse II
FCD 826
Global Campus Studio Supercourse II
FCD 827
Live Events Supercourse II
FCD 842
Build Your Brand
FCD 912
Researching Media Audiences
FCD 918
Media Ethics
FCD 920
Visual Story Production
FCD 962
Designing Interaction


1. FCD 204, and FCD 842 are not available to students in Journalism.
2. FCD 210 is not available to students in Professional Communication.
3. FCD 362 is not available to students in Graphic Communication Management.