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Journalism Professional Table I

Courses marked with an asterisk (*) have a course count of two, and a GPA weight of 2.00.

JRN 202 Editing Essentials
JRN 203 Page Design for Print Media
JRN 204 Data Journalism
JRN 215 Photojournalism
JRN 302* Magazine Editing Workshop
JRN 303* Feature Reporting Workshop
JRN 304* News Reporting Workshop
JRN 305* Digital Reporting Workshop
JRN 306* Radio and Podcast Workshop
JRN 310 Video Production Techniques
JRN 314* Reporting for TV Workshop
JRN 315* Investigative Reporting
JRN 316 The Freelance Career
JRN 317 Exactly So: The Challenge of Precision
JRN 318 Podcasting and Radio Basics
JRN 319 Special Topics in Journalism Practice
JRN 320* Innovation Workshop
JRN 350 Reporting on Indigenous Issues