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Professional Communication Professional Table I

CMN 100 Professional Health Communication
CMN 213 Texts in Social Contexts
CMN 214 Communication and Language
CMN 225 Communication in Place
CMN 230 Trans Studies and Communication
CMN 269 Countercultural Communication
CMN 288 Communication and Social Media
CMN 304 Career Advancement Communication 
CMN 305 Strategic Public Relations in ProCom
CMN 306 Risk and Crisis Communication
CMN 310 Communication with Colour
CMN 313 Organizational Report Writing
CMN 316 Questioning Data
CMN 317 Information, Technology, and Control
CMN 321 Knowledge Translation
CMN 376 ProCom Internship
CMN 380 Spectacle and the City
CMN 403 Visual Semiotics
CMN 405 Oral Advocacy
CMN 406 Communication in an Indigenous Context
CMN 408 Proposal and Grant Writing
CMN 411 Special Topics in ProCom
CMN 413 Corporate Communications
CMN 414 Interpersonal Communication
CMN 443 Contemporary Intercultural Communication
CMN 447 Communication and Law
CMN 453 Communication and Social Change
CMN 450 Participatory Media and Communication
CMN 600 Science, Communication and Society