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RTA Elective Table II

Two (2) courses from the RTA Elective Table II are required: 

RTA 101 Introduction to Media Theory and Practice  
RTA 102 Creative Processes
RTA 103 Digital Media Production I
RTA 104 Introductory Audio Production
RTA 180 Music and Film
RTA 183 Rhythm, Beat and Groove
RTA 201 Video Art Production
RTA 210 Media History
RTA 211 Production Theory
RTA 212 Media Writing
RTA 213 Production: Introduction to Multi-Camera
RTA 220 New Media Art History
RTA 221 Experiential Media/Interdisciplinary Practice
RTA 222 Intro to Computational Arts
RTA 223 Designing Material Experiences
RTA 233 Sport Journalism
RTA 234 Intermediate Multi-Camera Sports
RTA 243 Production: Introduction to Single Camera
RTA 310 Media Aesthetics and Culture
RTA 311 Intermediate Audio Production
RTA 312 Motion Graphics
RTA 313 Production: Intermediate Multi-camera
RTA 314 Production: Intermediate Single-Camera
RTA 315 Business of Creative Media
RTA 316 Concepts in Narrative
RTA 317 Media For Participatory Audiences
RTA 320 Interactive Storytelling
RTA 321 Intro to Tangible Media
RTA 322 Technology, Identity and Creativity
RTA 323 Contemporary Strategies in New Media
RTA 406 Chinese Instrumental Music
RTA 433 Issues in Sports
RTA 441 Music of India
RTA 474 Gospel Music: Songs for the Spirit
RTA 484 Music of the African Diaspora
RTA 501 Studio Practice
RTA 503 Project Development - Media Production
RTA 520 Public Practice
RTA 521 Media for Social Change
RTA 530 Chinese Music
RTA 801 Discoverability and Distribution
RTA 811 Internship - Media Production
RTA 812 RTA Community Productions
RTA 832 Cybernetics and Body Centric Technologies
RTA 835 Media and Museums
RTA 838 Generative Processes
RTA 842 Data as Material
RTA 845 Producing the Olympics
RTA 854 Live Radio Broadcasting
RTA 855 The Athlete's Perspective
RTA 858 Music Production
RTA 864 Adv. Audio Immersive and Interactive Sound
RTA 865 Exploring Virtual Environments
RTA 893 Social Justice Media: Innovators, Creators
RTA 902 Social Media
RTA 903 News and Current Affairs Theory
RTA 904 Advanced Business of Creative Media
RTA 905 History and Culture of Popular Music
RTA 906 Marketing for Media Professionals
RTA 907 Sound Media
RTA 908 Business of Producing I
RTA 909 Business of Producing II
RTA 910 Production Management
RTA 911 Directing and Performance
RTA 912 Media Audiences
RTA 913 Media Entrepreneurship
RTA 915 Legal Issues in Media
RTA 916 Advanced Media Marketing
RTA 917 Public Relations
RTA 918 Ethics in Media
RTA 920 Visual Storytelling: Video Production
RTA 921 Advanced Technical Theory
RTA 922 Transmedia Writing
RTA 923 Intro to Writing for Video Games
RTA 924 Design Solutions
RTA 925 Making Objects
RTA 926 Studies in Genre
RTA 928 Introduction to Game Design
RTA 929 Multi-platform Narrative
RTA 930 Social Practices in Hybrid Media Spaces
RTA 931 Inside the Frame
RTA 933 Hacking, DIY and Open Source Studio
RTA 934 Virtual Identities and Communities
RTA 936 The Business of Art
RTA 938 Digital Popular Cultures
RTA 939 Indigenous Media
RTA 940 Canadian Televisual Studies
RTA 941 Dramatic Writing
RTA 943 Comedy Writing
RTA 944 Writing for Animation
RTA 945 Writing for Factual and Reality Programs
RTA 946 Issues in New Media Theory/History
RTA 947 Advanced Live Event and Multi-Camera Prod.
RTA 948 Interactive Spaces
RTA 949 Directed Study
RTA 950 Selected Topics in Media
RTA 951 Presentation I
RTA 953 Mobility and Mixed Reality
RTA 954 Empathy Machines
RTA 955 Sports Broadcasting
RTA 956 Children's Programming
RTA 957 Documentary Production
RTA 958 Networked Art
RTA 960 Selected Topics in International Media
RTA 961 2-D and Object Animation
RTA 962 Interaction Design
RTA 963 Web Design
RTA 965 Advanced New Media Topics
RTA 967 Interactivity and Networking
RTA 968 Emerging New Media Practices
RTA 969 Television Technical Producing
RTA 970 Lighting, Grip and Effects Specialty
RTA 971 Audio Post Production and Sound Design
RTA 972 Sound Synthesis
RTA 973 Independent Production
RTA 974 Radio Broadcasting
RTA 975 Video Compositing and Special Effects
RTA 976 Broadcast Journalism
RTA 977 Current Affairs Production
RTA 978 Editing Specialty
RTA 979 Advanced Television Editing
RTA 982 Advanced Digital Media Production
RTA 983 Single-Camera Production - Advanced
RTA 984 Single-Camera Production - Advanced
RTA 985 Audio for Media Producers
RTA 986 Media for International Development
RTA 987 Comedic TV Production
RTA 988 International Media Storytelling
RTA 989 Emerging Media Markets/Entrepreneurship
RTA 991 Sport Writing
RTA 992 Social and Interactive Media for Sports
RTA 993 Sport Graphics
RTA 994 Advanced Sport Media and Documentary
RTA 995 Embodied Digital Media: Research/Design
RTA 996 The Art of Podcasting
RTA 997 Intermediate Game Design
RTA 999 RTA in LA