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Biology Professional and Professionally-Related Table III

Biophysics Option: A total of three courses is required for graduation.

EID 100 Digital Skills: Int'l Innovation
MTH 110 Discrete Mathematics I
MTH 210 Discrete Mathematics II
MTH 322 Chaos, Fractals and Dynamics
MTH 330 Calculus and Geometry
MTH 430 Dynamic Systems Differential Equations
MTH 480 Probability and Statistics II
MTH 500 Introduction to Stochastic Processes
MTH 501 Numerical Analysis I
MTH 503 Intro Linear Programming and Applications
MTH 540 Geometry
MTH 601 Numerical Analysis II
MTH 603 Non-Linear Programming and Applications
MTH 607 Graph Theory
MTH 609 Number Theory
MTH 640 Complex Analysis
MTH 710 Fourier Analysis
MTH 712 Partial Differential Equations
MTH 714 Logic and Computability
MTH 718 Design and Codes
MTH 814 Computational Complexity
MTH 817 Combinatorics
MTH 820 Image Analysis
OHS 319 Health Effects of Radiation
PCS 228 Electricity and Magnetism
PCS 230 Photonics and Optical Devices
PCS 335 Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
PCS 350 Computational Methods in Medical Physics
PCS 405 Medical Imaging
PCS 406 Radiation Protection/Health Physics
PCS 407 Radiation Therapy