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Chemistry Professional and Professionally-Related Table II

Applied Physics Option, Regular and Co-operative Programs: A total of ten courses are required for graduation.
Minimum six of the following:

BLG 311 Cell Biology
CHY 213 Analytical Chemistry I
CHY 223 Analytical Chemistry II
CHY 330 Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy
CHY 331 Basic Chromatography
CHY 40A/B Research Project-Thesis
CHY 434 Analytical Chemistry of Complex Samples
CHY 435 Advanced Chemical Instrumentation
CHY 445 Materials Chemistry
CHY 449 Inorganic Chemistry II
CHY 600 Organic Reaction Mechanisms

†A Multi-term course (equivalent to two single-term courses).

Minimum three of the following:

CMN 600 Science, Communication and Society
CPS 109 Computer Science I
CPS 209 Computer Science II
CPS 305 Data Structures
CPS 393 Introduction to Unix, C and C++
CPS 406 Introduction to Software Engineering
CPS 501 Bioinformatics
CPS 506 Comparative Programming Languages
CPS 530 Web Systems Development
CPS 613 Human-Computer Interaction
CPS 621 Introduction to Multimedia Systems
CPS 633 Computer Security
CPS 713 Applied Cryptography
CPS 844 Data Mining
CHY 310 Commercial Chemistry 
MTH 404 Probability and Statistics II
MTH 480 Probability and Statistics II
MTH 500 Introduction to Stochastic Processes
MTH 501 Numerical Analysis I
MTH 601 Numerical Analysis II
MTH 710 Fourier Analysis
MTH 712 Partial Differential Equations
MTH 719 Applied Linear Algebra
PCS 211 Physics: Mechanics
PCS 227 Biophysics
PCS 229 Introduction to Medical Physics
PCS 350 Computational Methods in Medical Physics
PCS 352 Nuclear Physics/Radiation Protection
PCS 354 Radiation Biology
PCS 405 Medical Imaging
PCS 510 Fundamentals of Astrophysics
PCS 724 Condensed Matter Physics/Materials