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Mathematics Professional Table II

Computer Science Option

A total of six single-term courses is required, as noted below.

A minimum of two courses marked with an asterisk * must be taken.

CPS 213 Computer Organization I
CPS 310 Computer Organization II
CPS 311 Object Oriented Programming and Design
CPS 406 Introduction to Software Engineering
CPS 501 Bioinformatics
CPS 506 Comparative Programming Languages
CPS 510 Database Systems I
CPS 511 Computer Graphics
CPS 530 Web Systems Development
CPS 590 Operating Systems I
CPS 606 Advanced Computer Organization
CPS 607 Autonomous Mobile Robotics
CPS 610* Database Systems II
CPS 613 Human-Computer Interaction
CPS 615 Theory of Computation
CPS 616 Algorithms
CPS 621 Introduction to Multimedia Systems
CPS 630* Web Applications
CPS 633 Computer Security
CPS 706* Computer Networks I
CPS 707* Software Verification and Validation
CPS 710* Compilers and Interpreters
CPS 713 Applied Cryptography
CPS 714* Software Project Management
CPS 716* Computer Networks II
CPS 721 Artificial Intelligence I
CPS 730* Web Technology and Performance Measurement
CPS 731* Software Engineering I
CPS 752* Parallel Computer Systems
CPS 801* Operating Systems II
CPS 811* Distributed Systems and Networks
CPS 813* Human Robot Interaction
CPS 815* Topics in Algorithms
CPS 822* Artificial Intelligence II
CPS 831* Software Engineering II
CPS 832* Mainframe Systems
CPS 840* Selected Topics in Computer Science
CPS 841* Advanced Topics in Computer Science
CPS 842 Information Retrieval and Web Search
CPS 843 Introduction to Computer Vision
CPS 844 Data Mining
CPS 845* Extreme Programming and Agile Processes
CPS 853 Creating Big Data Systems
CPS 888 Software Engineering

CPS 633 will still count as a course with an asterisk (*) for students admitted Fall 2016 and prior.