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Mathematics Professional Table III

Economics Option

A total of six single-term courses is required, as noted below.

A minimum of two courses marked with an asterisk (*) must be taken.

ECN 220 Evolution of the Global Economy
ECN 320
Introduction to Financial Economics
ECN 321 Introduction to Law and Economics
ECN 501 Industrial Organization
ECN 502 Economics of Energy and Natural Resources
ECN 506 Money and Banking
ECN 510 Environmental Economics
ECN 600* Intermediate Macroeconomics II
ECN 601 Economics of Information
ECN 605
Labour Economics
ECN 606 International Monetary Economics
ECN 614* An Introduction to Game Theory
ECN 620 Applied Economic Analysis
ECN 627* Econometrics I
ECN 630 Economic History
ECN 640 Economics of Immigration
ECN 700* Intermediate Microeconomics II
ECN 702* Econometrics II
ECN 703 Public Sector Economics
ECN 707 Economics of International Trade I
ECN 710 Transportation Economics
ECN 715* Advanced Microeconomics
ECN 721 International Financial Markets
ECN 724* Advanced Econometrics
ECN 729 Sports Economics
ECN 802 The Economics of East Asia
ECN 803
Canadian Tax Policy
ECN 808 Economic Growth and Technological Change
ECN 815* Advanced Macroeconomics
ECN 821 Country Risk Analysis
FIN 401 Managerial Finance II
FIN 501 Investment Analysis