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Hospitality and Tourism Management Professional Table I

A total of seven courses is required for students admitted Fall 2018 and prior.

A total of six courses is required for students admitted Fall 2019 and after.


HTD 500* Hotel Feasibility and Valuation Studies
HTF 505 Restaurants from Concept to Operations
HTF 506 Food and Beverage Operations
HTF 601 Beverage Management
HTH 700 Professional Ethics in Hosp/Tourism
HTH 706 Management Placement and Experience
HTH 901** Career Strategies
HTI 746 Digital Marketing for Hosp/Tourism
HTL 503 Meeting and Convention Management
HTL 510 Asset Management in Hospitality
HTL 701 The Power of Branding in Hosp/Tourism
HTL 801 Hospitality Strategic Management
HTM 604 Hospitality and Tourism Sales
HTM 621 Advertising and Promotion
HTR 900 Director's Special Project
HTT 501 Casinos: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
HTT 509 Who makes the rules? Issues in tourism
HTT 510 Sustainable Tourism: the Golden Goose?
HTT 600 Special Topics in Hospitality/Tourism
HTT 605 Business Aspects of Incentive Travel
HTT 607 Event Management
HTT 610 Business of Events and Entertainment
HTT 622 Destination Management and Marketing
HTT 700 Current Issues in Hospitality/Tourism
HTT 800 Field Studies in Hospitality and Tourism

* HTD 500 is a Table I course for students admitted Fall 2017 and after.

** HTH 901 is only available as a Table I course for students admitted Fall 2021 and after.