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About Us

At the Ryerson Career & Co-op Centre we build careers for life. We are committed to providing our students and recent alumni with innovative career assessment and development skills so they can excel in the workplace now and throughout their careers. Alumni up to five years out can access our services in full at no charge. Canada’s top employers will receive customized recruiting opportunities and strategies to connect with and hire the best possible candidates, whether current students, adult learners, or recent graduates.

Our Vision

Building Careers for Life


To empower all Ryerson students to maximize their potential as skilled professionals, ready to develop meaningful careers.  

Our Values

Our goals are underpinned by 5 Core Values:



Continuous Improvement & Innovation

Anticipating changing market and student needs, we continuously evolve, regularly assess, and rigorously evaluate all that we do.

Community Engagement

We actively seek to expand and strengthen external connections to create greater opportunities for students and professionals to meet and collaborate.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity enriches society and we strive to build programs that increase accessibility, build distinct partnerships and provide expertise for equity-seeking groups.

High Impact Experiences

We purposefully engage with students to create transformational, high-impact experiences that connect their curricular and co-curricular learning.

Operational Excellence

We are committed to implementing agile and fiscally responsible processes to effectively support our students and partners.

The Career & Co-op Centre’s structure of Faculty- and Labour Market-aligned teams enables us to provide responsive support to all students, be they undergraduate, graduate or continuing education students. From here, how do we advance our vision of enabling students to build careers for life? The PDF fileRCCC’s 5 Year Priorities & Goals maps how we will achieve that objective in a manner complementary to the University’s Academic Plan, recognizing that meeting Ryerson’s aim of continuing to deliver ‘innovative, career-oriented education that disrupts the status quo’ requires cultivating a community approach to career readiness.

Our five priorities for 2020-2025 are:

  1. Engage all Ryerson students at key points in their career development journey.
  2. Enhance access to meaningful career support for equity-seeking groups.
  3. Build: A career-integrated learning offering which is embedded locally, and works both nationally and internationally to provide high calibre placement opportunities.
  4. Cultivate employer partnerships which expand and diversify our students’ opportunities across all stages of their educational journey and support a more inclusive labour market.
  5. Evolve our capacity to enable greater student impact and support growing needs.

2018 Alan Shepard Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Employee Award from Ryerson University

The Office of the Vice-President, Equity and Community Inclusion (OVPECI) at Ryerson accredited the Career and Co-op Centre with this award for fostering an inclusive, welcoming environment for students, faculty and staff within the Ryerson community.

2017 Ranked by CERIC as having one of Canada’s ‘Most Impressive Practices in Career Services’, external link

The Career and Co-op Centre was listed as one of the top schools in Canada, delivering impressive models of career services, based on a criteria of guidance services displayed by publicly funded post-secondary education institutions. 

2016-17 CACEE Award for Excellence in Innovation: Diversity, external link

The Career and Co-op Centre was credited for creating exceptional diversity initiatives that support all students in their career endeavours while addressing and attempting to mitigate existing barriers to education, such as racism, ableism, language barriers, and other equity-related factors.

PDF file2015-16 CACEE Educational Institution Recognition Award, external link

CACEE is Canada's national network connecting career educators and employers. Ryerson was recognized as an educational institution that has shown exemplary support and contribution to CACEE at a national level.

2015-16 CACEE Excellence in Innovation Award: Leadership Development, external link

The CACEE Excellence in Innovation Award recognizes the Career and Co-op Centre for providing students and graduates with programs that enhance their leadership skills to accelerate career development.

2015-16 CACEE Award for Excellence in Innovation: Student Engagement, external link

The Career and Co-op Centre was recognized for its innovation in program curriculums that engage students with their education and career advancement.


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A message from the Career & Co-op Centre team to the parents, family members, and loved ones of all Ryerson students:


We know that parents and other family members are some of the biggest influences on students when they’re making decisions about their careers. That is why we hope you will remind them that the Career & Co-op Centre is here to help them.

Our web site can help you stay up-to-date about current career planning trends and the career programs we offer. Our innovative and adaptive programming and services enables Ryerson students to learn the skills and gain the experiences they need to launch a successful career in an ever-changing world of work.

We are always looking for new work experience opportunities for Ryerson students and new alumni. If you own or work for an organization seeking to hire top, diverse talent from Canada’s career-ready university, get in touch with us at and we will work closely with you to help you achieve your unique recruiting and brand awareness goals at Ryerson.

We look forward to supporting your student in building their ‘career for life’.


The Career & Co-op Centre Team