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Faculty & Staff

As members of Ryerson’s faculty and staff, you are key partners in the work of the Career & Co-op Centre. You know your students and their needs, and you have expertise that intersects with your students’ career development goals.

We can help you support Ryerson’s talented students and alumni. For example, you can:

We want to work with you.

The Career & Co-op Centre supports all students on their journey to professional life. We work across campus: with students at the Centre, in your faculty, and via student groups, providing support at every stage of the career development cycle.  

Our faculty-based model ensures that your faculty has a team of staff dedicated to working with your students, bringing expertise on the diverse career paths and industry trends related to each program of study through tailored sessions, training and employer events.

Our Career Education team:

  • Acts as a direct channel of communication between the Ryerson Career & Co-op Centre and your faculty.
  • Provides support on issues relating to employability.
  • Plans and coordinates tailored sessions for academic programs of study.
  • Designs events and sources speakers to provide students with networking opportunities.
  • Provides an overview to faculty on relevant issues (e.g. current employment market trends).
  • Works with student groups and societies to link your students’ curricular and co-curricular experiences.

For more information, or to become a part of your faculty’s career development program, please contact your faculty Career Education Specialist directly.

  • The Career Integrated Learning team oversees co-op programming and the University’s on campus student employment program, Career Boost, supporting students and employers alike. 
  • The Co-op Program Specialist staff is the main point of contact for students preparing for their job searches and work terms, and throughout their work term journey. 
  • For questions on launching a co-op program or supporting students in the workplace, you can contact the Senior Manager, Career Integrated Learning, Thoywell Hemmings.

Our Campus Engagement team are the primary relationship-builders with employers seeking to engage university talent across all sectors and industries. Working closely with staff, faculty, and student groups, the team promotes our employer-focused events, programs, and services to your students and alumni.

We are always looking for new leads with recruiters. If you have information about employment opportunities for your students, please let the Campus Engagement team know by email at

If you have an idea or are seeking to partner on an event or program related to employment and career development for your students, reach out to us for a conversation at

The Career & Co-op Centre is Ryerson's central resource for students and alumni to access relevant and innovative career development support. We are committed to providing you with career assessment and development skills so you can excel in the workplace now and throughout your careers. Our specialist staff can support you through workshops, events that feature industry professionals and hiring managers, paid experiential learning opportunities, and advising. Please visit our website for more information:

We look forward to supporting you!

Since 1996, Ryerson’s Career Boost Program (formerly the Experiential Learning Work Study Program) has been providing eligible students with year-round on-campus paid work opportunities.

The program offers part-time job opportunities in the Fall & Winter semesters for up to 15 hours per week, and full time opportunities in the Summer semester for up to 35 hours per week.

An overview on hiring and supervising Career Boost students can be found below. 

You can view Career Boost information from a students' point-of-view in the student and alumni section of the website.

There are two Career Boost programs each calendar year: Fall & Winter and Summer.






early Sept – early Dec

early Jan – early April

mid May – late Aug

Work Hours

up to 15 hours/week for 14 weeks

up to 15 hours/week for 13 weeks

up to 35 hours per week for 14 weeks

Hourly Rate

$14.25* - $17.00 (Domestic undergraduate and international)

$17.88 - $22.00 (Domestic graduate)

Funding Model

Domestic Undergraduate & International: Subsidize $11.00** an hour to a maximum of $2,500.00*** student earning per semester


Domestic Graduate: Subsidize $15.00** an hour to a maximum of $3,500.00*** student earning per semester

Domestic Undergraduate & International: Subsidize $11.00** an hour to a maximum of $2,500.00*** student earning per semester


Domestic Graduate: Subsidize $15.00** an hour to a maximum of $3,500.00*** student earning per semester

Domestic Undergraduate & International: Subsidize $11.00**


Domestic Graduate: $15.00** an hour to a maximum of 490 hours per semester

*In accordance with the Ontario minimum wage starting October 1, 2020

**Departments are responsible for any hourly rate difference plus vacation pay and benefit rate.

*** Increased student maximum earning starting Winter 2018

Career Boost International (CBI) provides part-time, on-campus employment to full-time undergraduate/graduate Ryerson students who hold valid study permits and meet all the CBI-specific google doceligibility requirements, external link, and whose educational costs are not covered by Canadian government student assistance programs. 

CBI aims to offer Canadian work experience to eligible international students and covers $11 per hour of the international student's salary for approved positions.

Note: International students who meet the eligibility requirements do not have to apply for official CBI approved status. CBI jobs are posted on the Career Boost website.

Questions? Contact

Career Boost--the on campus ‘work study’ program--offers 1,100 jobs a year to domestic undergraduate students: up to 800 positions in the Fall/Winter terms and up to 300 each summer.  For more information about the program, including how to apply for Career Boost positions in your department, take a look at the resources available in the “Employers” section of the Career Boost website.

Students can find out if they are eligible for Career Boost - Undergraduate by looking at the “Am I Eligible?” section of this webpage. They can apply for approved status by clicking on the status application link in the “On-Campus Program” section of the Career Boost website. This is the same website where they can see a listing of all of the available Career Boost jobs.

The Career Boost Graduate & Law program launched in Summer 2020 to provide graduate students and law students with valuable on-campus work experience.

This program aims to meet the unique employment needs from our academic and administrative departments seeking graduate and law student talents while creating an opportunity for our graduate and law students to gain valuable on-campus work experiences.

Funding is for roles that do NOT have duties falling under the PDF fileUnit 3 Collective Agreement (e.g. positions such as Teaching Assistants, which support another student’s academic progress are ineligible).

For more information about the program, including how to apply for Career Boost positions in your department, take a look at the resources available in the “Employers” section of the Career Boost website

Questions? Contact

Position request forms are made available and applications are submitted online at the Career Boost website, opens in new window. Upon submission, an email confirmation of receipt will be sent via the Career Boost Program account:

Requests to host a student in Summer are made available in January; Fall/Winter hosting requests are taken in February. For further details, see the complete google docProgram Timeline, external link.

To be considered for the Career Boost Program, the position should provide students with:       

  • Development and enhancement of specific transferable skills.
  • Experiential learning opportunities and academically relevant experience.
  • Job responsibilities which are unique to the positions.
  • Career Boost roles must not replace or subsidize a bargaining or union position.

For more information, please read through google docthe Career Boost Program Employer Guidelines, external link.

Since 2014, the Career Boost Awards (formerly the Ryerson Experiential Learning Work Study Awards) has been providing an opportunity to recognize our career boost students’ significant achievements, as well as the contribution of our host employers, who directly mentor, support and impact our students’ professional development.

The awards ceremony takes place annually in late March at the Student Experience Awards, with nominations opening at the start of the calendar year. All current Career Boost employers and student staff will be notified via email when nominations open and we welcome your nominations!

Recent Winners

As a faculty or staff member at Ryerson, we encourage you to consider providing a student with an on-campus work experience and there are several program options available beyond Career Boost, which provide shared funding.

Funded by the Government of Canada, Canada Summer Jobs provides funding to not-for-profit organizations, public-sector employers including Ryerson, and small businesses with 50 or fewer employees to create summer job opportunities for young people aged 15 to 30 years who are full-time students and are intending to return to their studies in the next school year.

Find out more about application timelines and eligibility, external link

The Ryerson Work Study Research Assistant program works in partnership with academic units, administrative units, faculty, staff, and students to support the practice and scholarship of learning at Ryerson University and offer experiential learning activities across campus.

For questions on how to get involved, contact the Office of Vice President, Research and Innovation at

Funded by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), the Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) gives post-secondary students across Canada paid work experience related to their field of study. Employers can receive wage subsidies of up to 50% of the wage cost for the placement (up to a maximum of $5,000 per placement) and up to 70 percent (up to a maximum of $7,000 per placement) for under-represented students, including women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), Indigenous students, persons with disabilities, and newcomers.

SWPP is administered and distributed by the following organizations in order to create and deliver work-learning opportunities for students in STEM and business.

Please visit individual organization websites below to explore the eligibility and subsidy guidelines.

BioTalent Canada, external link

Contact 1-866-243-2472

Environmental Careers Organization of Canada (ECO Canada), external link

Contact or 1-800-890-1924

Information and Communication Technology Council (ICTC), external link

Contact or 1-613-237-8551

TECHNATION, external link

Contact 1-905-602-8345

Canadian Council for Aerospace and Aviation (CCAA), external link

Contact Theresa Davis-Woodhouse, 613 727 8272 extension 247, or

Magnet, external link

Contact through the Magnet Student Work Placement Program contact form, external link.

Aspire, external link

Contact 1-416-933-6780

Mining Industry Human Resources Council Gearing Up Program, external link

Contact 1-877-424-8913

Electricity Human Resources Canada Empowering Futures, external link

Contact 1-613-235-5540

Ventures for Canada, external link

Contact through the Ventures for Canada contact form, external link.

If you are looking for students to fill your TA, GA, Lab Monitor or Invigilator positions, you can post it on the Ryerson Human Resources, opens in new window website. Call HR General Inquiries line at x.5075 for more information.

Outside of the Career Boost Program, Faculty and Staff looking to recruit students for on-campus positions can post through other on-campus job opportunities.

Career Compass

Access our award-winning Career Compass, a career resource publication for undergraduate students and recent grads as well as graduate students.

Alumni Policy

You can take advantage of our services and programs for your career development up to five years after graduation.