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Jobs On Campus

Regardless of your program and year of study, Ryerson has a diverse set of on-campus job opportunities available to you. Faculties and departments are regularly looking for talented and engaged students to fill a wide variety of positions including research, peer advising, administrative, technology-based, and social media jobs, and much more.

Career Boost supervisors can find information about the program on this page.

Career Boost is Ryerson’s work-study program, providing our students--international and domestic, undergraduate and graduate--with hundreds of on-campus paid work experiences every year.

Relevant work experience is critical to your professional development. It provides an opportunity to:

  • put academic theory into practice, 
  • build your network, 
  • gain confidence in your skills, and 
  • explore career paths that interest you.

There are two Career Boost terms within one calendar year: Fall & Winter and Summer.

In the chart below you can learn more about the length of each work term, the maximum number of hours you can work each week, and when we start posting Career Boost jobs for each term.

Career Boost Terms





Early September – early December

Early January – early April

Mid May – late August

Work Hours

Up to 15 hours/week for 14 weeks

Up to 15 hours/week for 12.5 weeks

Up to 35 hours per week for 14 weeks

Career Boost Positions

Available in August on the Career Boost website, opens in new window.

Available in late February on the Career Boost website, opens in new window.

Note: before you can apply for a Career Boost job, you need to prove you are eligible to participate in the Career Boost program and be given official Career Boost approved status. You can learn about how to apply for your Career Boost approved status by reading each Career Boost program description.

The Career Boost International program provides part-time, on-campus employment to full-time undergraduate and graduate international students who hold valid study permits and whose educational costs are not covered by Canadian government student assistance programs.


Career Boost - International aims to offer financial assistance to international students to meet their educational costs. International students can participate as long as they meet all the specific eligibility requirements. You can read more about Career Boost - International eligibility information in google docthis checklist document, external link, opens in new window.

Unlike Career Boost for domestic students and graduate students, there is no formal application process to gain official ‘approval status’ for Career Boost International. Hiring managers will make sure you fulfill the eligibility requirements before they offer you a job.

Find Jobs

You can log in to the Career Boost website, opens in new window to view Career Boost - International jobs.


Contact, opens in new window.

Career Boost--the on campus ‘work study’ program--offers 1,100 jobs a year to domestic undergraduate students: up to 800 positions in the Fall/Winter terms and 300 each summer. 


Find out if you are eligible for Career Boost approved status by looking at the “Am I Eligible?” section of this Student Financial Assistance webpage.

To apply for this status, click on the status application link in the “On-Campus Program” section of the Career Boost website.

Find Jobs

You can log in to the Career Boost website to view Career Boost - Undergraduate opportunities.

For more information you can read through the Career Boost - Domestic google docStudent FAQ, external link.



The Fall/Winter Career Boost Graduate program provides up to 40 jobs for eligible full-time Ryerson graduate students. Positions range from research-focused jobs through to roles supporting administrative functions.

This year’s program runs from October 2020 to April 2021, and the hourly rate of pay for graduate students is between $17.88 to $22 plus 4% vacation pay.


For an overview of student eligibility requirements and how to apply for Career Boost Graduate approval status, please see the Career Boost Graduate information on the Student Financial Assistance website.

Note: the Career Boost Graduate program is not open to international students at this time, but you can find employment opportunities for international students on this page in the Career Boost International Students section.

Find Jobs

Jobs are available in the Fall/Winter Career Boost Graduate Students Job Postings section on the Career Boost website. Make sure you select the correct link for opportunities specific to graduate students.



Status Approval Timelines for Career Boost - Domestic Undergraduate Students

Status Approval Timelines for Career Boost - Domestic Graduate Students

  • Apply for Fall/Winter Career Boost Graduate approval following the student application guide from October 12th, 2020 - January 22, 2021.

Note: International students do not have to officially apply for approval status.

Employment Terms for Career Boost - Domestic and International Students

  • Fall 2020: September 8th - December 11th
  • Winter 2021: January 11th - April 9th

Employment Terms for Career Boost - Graduate Students

  • Fall 2020: October 19 - December 23, 2020 (up to 9.5 weeks, 15 hours a week)
  • Winter 2021: January 11 - April 9, 2021 (up to 13 weeks)

To view the large variety of Career Boost jobs available for the Career Boost - Undergraduate, Graduate, and International programs, use your Ryerson ID to login to the Career Boost website.

Make sure you select the correct link for opportunities specific to your Career Boost program.

Remember: applying for Career Boost jobs is a separate process from applying for official Career Boost approval status. Please follow the instructions under the heading “Eligibility” found in each Career Boost program description above.

Here are five tips to help you understand the two part application process when you’re looking for a Career Boost job.

  1. You need to apply for your Career Boost approved status as well as for a Career Boost job. 
  2. Getting Career Boost approval status does not guarantee that you will receive a Career Boost job.
  3. The opposite is also true: getting a Career Boost job offer does not guarantee that you are eligible for the Career Boost program.
  4. Apply for Career Boost approval by the deadline date outlined under the Significant Program Dates section above.
  5. You can only hold one Career Boost position at any time. You can apply for as many jobs as you wish, however once you have accepted a job offer you are expected to honour your commitment to one employer.

You can learn about how to apply for your Career Boost approved status by reading each Career Boost program description above.

Student Financial Assistance

Ryerson Human Resources

Ryerson Career Boost Program

Ryerson Career & Co-op Centre

Questions about, Career Boost eligibility and application form, as well as OSAP and how it can impact your eligibility

Questions on hour reporting and eHR system

Frequently asked questions including timeline, statutory holiday pay and break policy, external link, opens in new window

Before applying for Career Boost positions, strengthen your application with a resume, cover letter, or mock interview session

Email:, opens in new window


For all other inquiries

Email:, opens in new window

Email:, opens in new window

Visit the website, opens in new window

Tel: 416-979-5075

Tel: 416-979-5177

Tel: 416-979-5177


PDF fileHR Time Reporting Guide, opens in new window


Book a 1:1 Appointment

The Career Boost Awards provide an opportunity to recognize the significant achievements of student staff, as well as the contribution of our host employers, who directly mentor, support and impact our students’ professional development.

The awards ceremony takes place annually in late March as part of the Student Experience Awards, with nominations opening at the start of the calendar year. All current Career Boost employers and student staff will be notified via email when nominations open and we welcome your nominations.

Recent Winners

Don’t worry if you aren’t eligible for a Career Boost position — there are many on-campus jobs available to all Ryerson students under the Other On-Campus Job opportunities list , opens in new windowon the Career Boost portal.

Questions? Contact the Ryerson Career & Co-op Centre at, opens in new window or 416-979-5177.

Below is an overview of other on-Campus student jobs programs:

The Ryerson Work Study Research Assistant, opens in new window program works in partnership with academic units, administrative units, faculty, staff, and students to support the practice and scholarship of learning at Ryerson University. The program offers experiential learning activities throughout the university.

All students interested in working under this program must be Work Study approved. Visit Student Financial Assistance, opens in new window for eligibility and instructions on how to apply.

Questions about eligibility? Contact Student Financial Assistance:, opens in new window

Questions about the program? Contact the office of the Vice President for Research & Innovation:, opens in new window.


If you are interested in becoming a Teaching Assistant (TA), Graduate Assistant (GA), Lab Monitor, or Invigilator, please visit the Ryerson Human Resources, opens in new window website to view available opportunities.

Questions? Contact Human Resources at or 416-979-5075.

Interested in building a career at Ryerson? Visit the Ryerson Human Resources website to view the opportunities currently available:

Questions? Contact Human Resources at, opens in new window or 416-979-5075.

The Ryerson Career & Co-op Centre has full- and part-time Career Boost student staff positions available throughout the year.

Working at the Career & Co-op Centre helps you learn a wide range of skills, gain invaluable experience, prepare for your professional life, and help your fellow students with their career development. You will meet new colleagues, become a leader in your community, and work in an inclusive environment that helps you connect what you’re learning on the job with what you’re learning in the classroom. Take advantage of this great opportunity!

We usually open up applications for summer positions and positions for the Fall/Winter terms each January. Applications are due in early February. 

If you are interested in working with the Career & Co-op Centre and want your name added to a list to be contacted when our application process opens, please email us at

For more information about the Career Boost program and how to find out if you are eligible, please read through the Career Boost tab on this page.

Dates for our upcoming hiring process will be posted in late 2020.

No positions are open at this time. The list of job descriptions available in the Career & Co-op Centre will be posted in late 2020.

We highly recommend that you prepare your application and resume by checking out our career development resources.