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About Us

We have a unique and new model of career support that is faculty based and mobile. Our programs are delivered centrally in POD-60, in Faculty, and online.

We are focused on empowering and encouraging students to maximize their potential at Ryerson.  We support all students, from pre-arrival through to professional life.

Our Vision, Mission, Values & Principles

Our Vision

Building Careers for Life



To empower all Ryerson students to maximize their potential as skilled professionals, ready to develop meaningful careers.  


Our Values

Our goals are underpinned by 5 Core Values:

Continuous Improvement & Innovation

Anticipating changing market and student needs, we continuously evolve, regularly assess, and rigorously evaluate all that we do.

Community Engagement

We actively seek to expand and strengthen external connections to create greater opportunities for students and professionals to meet and collaborate.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity enriches society and we strive to build programs that increase accessibility, build distinct partnerships and provide expertise for equity-seeking groups.

High Impact Experiences

We purposefully engage with students to create transformational, high-impact experiences that connect their curricular and co-curricular learning.

Operational Excellence

We are committed to implementing agile and fiscally responsible processes to effectively support our students and partners.


Our Principles

We strive to ensure that our career education offerings rigorously embody our 6 Principles of Support. They are:

Full Student Lifecycle

Empowering students to carve out their careers from pre-arrival through to professional life.

On Campus & In Faculties

Bringing expertise on the diverse career paths and industry trends related to each program of study.

Across Campus

Engaging students to recognize and integrate their co-curricular experiences into career planning.

Into Campus

Fully leveraging community partnerships to create a gateway where students and professionals meet and mutually benefit.

Meeting Unique Needs

A marker in providing distinct partnerships, support, and access to equity-seeking groups.

Multiple Access Points & Methods of Learning

Delivering an offering that is accessible 24/7 and across campus.

  1. Multiple Access Points & Methods of Learning
Our Programs and Services

Current Students

As a Ryerson student, take advantage of our services and programs during your study at Ryerson to ensure your readiness for the world of work. Here is how we can help you reach your goals.

Recent Grads & Alumni

As an alumni, you can continue to access all of our services, both group and individual, for up to five years after graduation. Here are more details about the alumni career supports available to you.  

Faculty & Staff

As a faculty or staff member of Ryerson, you can work with your Faculty Career Education Specialist to build an annual career development program, and or hire students to enhance your services. Learn more about how we can work together


Employers & Organizations

As an employer, recruiter, or organization, we partner with you to:

  • connect with our talented students
  • get involved with on-campus activities
  • raise your brand portfolio, and more!

Learn more about how we can work together

Who We Are

Our Career Education Specialists are each linked to a specific Faculty, delivering an annual career development program, with distinct sessions tailored to a students’ program and year of study.

Our Campus Engagement Specialists work with student groups and societies to deliver workshops, training and employer event support relevant to their members’ co-curricular experiences. They also assist external employers and organizations on student with talented Ryerson students and raise employers’ portfolio on campus.

Learn more about this team of dedicated professionals at the Career & Co-op Centre.


Contact Us

We are open throughout the year.  If you have questions or feedback, contact us.