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Want to maximize the impact of your appointment? Consider attending a workshop or career tutorial first to gain foundational tips and knowledge

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Please note that our Career Education Specialists/Consultants release appointments by Friday afternoons for the following week. If you are unable to book appointments while logged-in, chances are that there are no available appointments for the current week, and appointments for the following week have not been released yet.

Instructions for Profile Set-Up

  1. Visit the appointment page.

  2. Click on “Sign Up” if this is the first time you are using the system.

  3. Complete the registration form (be sure to use your email address).

  4. The system will send you an email. Follow the link to reset your password.

  5. Log in, and book your appointment by clicking “Book New Appointment”.

Tip #1: Make sure you include “” at the end of your log-in name.

Tip #2: Be sure to attach relevant documents (e.g. resumes, cover letters, etc.) at the time of appointment booking.

What Appointment Types Are Available to Students / Alumni?
Appointment Type Designed for...
Career Advising

... students / alumni who are uncertain about your career direction, or who wish to explore viable options, and want to learn about resources available to help you make appropriate strategic decisions.

Note: If you are considering switching programs or have other academic related concerns, please contact the Centre for Student Development & Counselling (undergraduate students only) at (416)979-5195.    

CV / Grad School Application Advising

... students / alumni who need to prepare a CV, and/or application essay for graduate school.

Please include source data (eg. research/teaching/industry position being applied for or grad school admissions information) to provide context for your document(s).  

Job Search / Employment Advising

... students / alumni having difficulty finding work or are unsure of where and how to start your job search.

This applies equally to students / alumni seeking summer, part-time, entry-level or career positions. 

LinkedIn / Magnet Profile Advising

... students / alumni who have a complete or incomplete basic online profile on LinkedIn AND OR Magnet, and are interested in learning how to increase your visibility to potential employers / recruiters, and how to get in direct contact with employers. 

LinkedIn Photo Sessions

... students /alumni who have had a LinkedIn / Magnet Profile Advising appointment. 

Mock Interview / Interview Tips

... students / alumni who feel tense and or nervous before an upcoming interview, and feel the need to practice to improve your interview skills. 

Please ensure a job description of interest to you, and your resume, are attached at the time of your appointment booking. 

Resume / Cover Letter Advising

... students / alumni who have a working resume or cover letter, and are interested in fine-tuning the document(s) prior to a job application.  

Please ensure relevant documents are attached at the time of your appointment booking.