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Three students happily reading Career Compass

Career Compass is the 2016 award winner for Excellence in Innovation: Student Engagement!

Career Compass is a nationally recognized career resource for post-secondary students and recent graduates looking for expert advice on how to successfully build their career and find career opportunities. Whether you're an undergraduate student or pursuing a Master's or PhD, you have a wealth of career planning knowledge at your fingertips via our two version of Career Compass.

Career Compass: Undergraduate

What's inside?

  • Tips on starting your career planning journey
  • Sample resumes, cover letters, and curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Tips on job search strategies, leveraging social media, networking, and building your personal brand
  • Inside information for your next job interview

Career Compass: Graduate

What's inside?

  • Tips for navigating careers in the academic and non-academic labour markets
  • Sample curriculum vitae (CV), academic cover letters, resumes, and more
  • Interviews with Ryerson alumni and industry leaders who have leveraged their graduate studies into rewarding careers
  • Tips for academic and non-academic interviews