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INVESTING IN INCLUSION: Anti-Black Racism in Canadian Workplaces

Wednesday, July 8, 2020 | 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

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In light of recent events, which have shone a light on the blatant systemic discrimination faced by the Black community in Canada, Ryerson University is offering a special webinar on Addressing Anti-Black Racism in Canadian Workplaces as part of the Investing in Inclusion series. 

Beyond the physical police violence, the Black Community faces anti-black racism within many areas of their lives, including in their careers. In fact, even amongst those who have completed post-secondary education, the unemployment rate for the Black population in Canada is nearly twice as high as in the rest of the population (9.2% vs 5.3%), according to a 2016 Statistics Canada report. 


The webinar will highlight what anti-black racism looks like in the workplace and what organizations have done about it. We will hear from industry leaders on how they have changed their workplace policies, practices and procedures to ensure they are moving the dial on inclusion for the Black community in Canada. 


The event is open to employers that are interested in learning how to eradicate anti-black racism in their organizations. 


Ryerson is one of the most diverse campuses in Canada, however, we know that our diverse student population may face barriers when they leave Ryerson. The Investing in Inclusion series highlights how those barriers show up in workplaces and what can be done to eliminate them. The series is facilitated by Ryerson’s Career and Co-op Centre because we want to ensure that when our students graduate they will have access to workplaces in which they can thrive.

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