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Find an Internship or Co-op

Internships and co-ops are short-term, supervised work experiences related to your field of study, and meant to develop your skills through hands-on training. As an intern through these types of employment, you can:

  • learn what you do/don’t like to do before you enter the industry full-time.

  • develop your technical and soft skills.

  • create new contacts and develop your network within your field.

  • demonstrate to industry/organization leaders your strengths, skill sets, and career interests.

If you’re interested in finding an internship or co-op position on your own, some things to think about include:

  • What are your career goals? Does the internship fit with these goals?

  • Do you need to receive academic credit for the internship?

  • Can you work in a local, national, or international placement?

  • Would you prefer an internship in the private sector, with the government, or in the non-profit sector?

To find an internship, there are many resources available across each industry.

Many programs at Ryerson have a co-op component.  To learn if you program does, visit the Office of Co-Operative Education.


For international internships, campus resources include:


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