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Interview Essentials

The purpose of the interview is for the employer to find out more about you — but it’s also your chance to learn more about them. Up to this point they have limited information on who you are, mostly taken from your resume or from an online source such as LinkedIn.

Employers are looking for candidates who are well prepared and well informed about the company, industry, and themselves. A well prepared candidate will also be more confident and be able to express themselves better and connect more with the employer.

Each interview is unique, and so is each employer; however, there are some questions that almost all interviewers want answered when they meet you:

  • Can you do the job? (What is your skill set?)

  • Will you do the job? (What’s your passion, and what motivates you?)

  • Will you fit in? (Will your personality and soft skills work with the team?)


To help answer these questions and be a successful candidate, you should treat the interview as having 3 parts:



If you have an upcoming job interview, or frequently feel nervous before or during a job interview, and the above resources and events aren't enough, a one to one appointment for 'Mock Interviews and Interview Tips' is available with a Career Education Specialist at the Career Centre.