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On Campus Recruiting

Employers visit campus throughout the year at a variety of events. These are great opportunities for you to meet employers, learn about potential career options, network, and find out about job opportunities.

Career Fairs

Career fairs are an invaluable tool for students in researching and developing their career paths, and a rare opportunity to network face to face with some of Canada's top employers. Career fairs are a great way to connect with employers who have active positions they are recruiting for or positions that will be coming up in the near future.

We hold a number of different career fairs throughout the year, including:


The best way to prepare for a fair is to attend the “Prepare For The Fair” workshop. We recommend that you dress professionally and bring copies of your resumes and business cards to the fair.

“Prepare For The Fair" Workshop

The “Prepare For The Fair” workshop will equip you with the skills and insights needed to best navigate any Career Fair and get well on your way to finding your future career. Career Fairs allow employers to size up candidates quickly, based on communication skills and first impressions. Understanding how to effectively work within this system, will help ensure that you stand out and get noticed.

Career Panels

Career panels are an opportunity for you to learn from professionals sharing their experience and expertise. It also gives you an opportunity to interact with professionals and grow your network.

Industry Connect Sessions

Industry Connect sessions are a great way to meet an employer that is recruiting from your program and learn about the company and the sector in which they work. Information sessions are generally two hours in length. Employers generally have a formal presentation about their organization, mission, value, and about the roles they are looking to fill, and there is a short question and answer period before the room is opened up to networking. Employers often use these sessions to not only present about their company, but to find outstanding candidates to hire. Industry Connect sessions are generally held in September, October, January, and February.

There are the right ways and wrong ways to prepare for the different sections of an Industry Connect session. Like with any other event involving employers, information sessions require an excellent preparation on your part. Here are some recommendations:


Before the session

  • Research the company before coming to the session

  • Find out what the company does; its mission, values, business streams, and job postings

  • Prepare a resume for the job you want to apply for at the company and bring it along


At the session

  • Arrive on time

  • Be respectful during the employer's presentation (i.e. stay off your phone).

  • Bring a copy of your resume and/or some business cards

  • Dress in business or business casual to portray a professional image

  • Listen carefully to the presentation and note down information that you can use on your cover letter, resume, or interview to show your understanding of the organization or your qualification for the job


Question & Answer

  • Be sure to clarify questions about the hiring process, job, company or sector (a well researched question can often help you stand out from the rest of the group)



  • Network with human resources, the hiring manager, and or Ryerson alumni from the organization

  • Provide a resume if the company will accept your resume at the session

  • Provide a business card to create a connection if asked to apply online

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