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Resumes, Cover Letters, Online Profiles, & Portfolios

The ability to convey your relevant experience and skills is a key element of the job search process. A well-written resume and cover letter introduces your strengths to prospective employers, and encourages an interview. Your online presence should complement your job application by providing additional details about your personality and related work.

When preparing your resumes, cover letters, employer correspondence, creative portfolios, and online profiles, aim to create a cohesive image that highlights your skill set and leaves a positive impression on the employer.

If you have sent your application out to employers, don't know if your existing job search tools are effective, and or have used the resources noted above, check out one of our upcoming workshops or tutorials, or the one to one appointments for 'Resume & Cover Letter Advising' and or 'Online Profile Advising' available with a Resume & Online Profile Advisor at the Career & Co-op Centre.