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Career Development and Employment Centre

Study at your own pace

The following tutorials are shortened adaptations of our popular group workshops, created to allow you, at home or elsewhere, to learn the essentials at your own pace.

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Resumes That Get Results

resumeLearn to create an effective resume that separates you from candidates who simply list their activities, duties and responsibilities. Find a resume style that best reflects your background, and which conveys the qualifications you have which relate to the type of work you seek.

Job Search Portfolio

PortfolioPortfolios aren't just for artists. All job seekers can use a portfolio to stand out during their job search! Creating a portfolio of your work and accomplishments provides proof of what you have to offer the employer. Check out this e-tutorial to find out what you can include in your portfolio and how you can use it in an interview.

Job Search

cover letterDid you know that over 80% of available jobs are never advertised? Have you ever wondered how to get access to all of those unadvertised positions? Work through this e-tutorial to learn effective ways of finding satisfying work by using creative job search technique It will also introduce you to great resources to help you identify companies/organizations that might want to hire you!

Interview Skills

cover letter"Why should we hire you? What personal weakness has caused you difficulty at school or on the job? Tell me about a time you demonstrated initiative."

How do you go about answering challenging questions such as these in an interview? Learn how to present yourself as a positive and knowledgeable candidate through the tips and information given in this e-tutorial.

Cover Letters

cover letterWhat if you have never written a cover letter, but need to submit one for a job? This e-tutorial will introduce you to the basics of cover letter writing, allowing you to capture the critical information that employers expect to read.

CareerVault for Students

MyRyerson CareerVaultHow does this job posting system work? and how can it make your job search easier and more efficient? In this tutorial, you will learn how to unlock the secrets and tools embedded in MyRyerson CareerVault so you can effectively manage your job search time and organization. This is how it works

CareerVault for Employers

MyRyerson CareerVaultCareerVault is Ryerson's FREE online job posting system. Are you having trouble posting a job or registering for an event? This tutorial is designed to assist you to troubleshoot and navigate the through the site. This is how it works


LinkedInLinkedIn is a dynamic social networking resource enabling its users to build and meet in a professional virtual community. Through LinkedIn you will find and create industry connections; learn about organizations and trends in the world of work; and discover career and business opportunities through your new and existing networks. R U there yet?

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