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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

To mark International Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Ryerson is sharing simple things you can do to minimize your risk of falling victim to common cyber attacks.

Three things you can do to stay secure

Bonus for employees

Did you know all documents fall under a sensitivity classification? Check out our infographics to get to know the highs and lows of classifying the data you work with.

Recognizing common cybersecurity threats

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Find out if you've got the latest 

Updating to the latest versions of software helps keep computers more secure.

Log in to run Ryerson’s browser and plugin detector, and find out if the operating system and browser on your computer are up-to-date.

Quick facts: Cybersecurity at Ryerson

Ryerson sometimes logs as many as 1 million account password-guessing attempts in a single week.

Even with so few of us on campus, there have been 73 reported incidents of stolen phones, laptops and tablets at Ryerson since January 2020.

On average each month, Ryerson blocks over 1,500 emails containing malicious attachments.

As malicious emails become more sophisticated, Ryerson's secondary security filters block an average of 30 emails monthly that slipped through our primary security filters.