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Test Response System

The Test Response System is a computerized method of scoring multiple choice tests. The Ryerson Test Response System (TRS) scores true-false and multiple-choice tests,  provides reports suitable for the instructor's records or for public posting, and assesses the psychometric fairness, accuracy  and reliability of tests.

The TRS can be used to conduct social surveys on attitudes, opinions and behaviour. It operates with examination sheets that can be read by machines that optically detect students' answers. Preprinted sheets have been filled in by computer with student name, number, class and section, including sheets labelled Master, Weight, System and Student.

Note:  Please do not write on the scanner sheets, or make any extraneous marks on the sheets in any way. Doing so will adversely affect the accuracy of the scanning and grading process.

The left half of the TRS sheet contains fields to identify the course and name of instructor or student The shaded box at the bottom of the left half contains fields to identify each type of sheet. The right half is used to record correct answers (the master sheet), weights (weight sheet) answers (student sheet) or subsets of questions (topic sheet).

Students choose one of five alternatives for up to 215 questions. Students mark their answers on the sheets with a soft lead pencil. No special marker is required.

Questions can be given different weights and selected questions can be omitted from the scoring. Penalties for guessing can be imposed. The instructor can request a basic report or a more detailed one. The report can be in printed or electronic formats.

The questions can be sorted into topics with a special report available for each grouping. Results are broken down by class section, with optional confidential reports showing only student number. A psychometric report assesses the fairness and reliability of the questions.

Results are normally available four hours after the completed sheets are returned to Duplicating Services, 105 Bond Street.

Here are the steps to using TRS:

  1. Ordering TRS Forms
  2. How to complete TRS Forms
  3. Receiving Results
  4. Guide to your Results


Please see PDF fileTRS documentation  for a summarized version of this information.