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Ordering TRS Forms

TRS sheets may be ordered in person or by placing an online order. Requests received before 2 PM will be available for pickup by 9 AM the next working day at 105 Bond Street.

Ordering TRS Sheets in Person:
Submit your requests for TRS sheets in person at 105 Bond Street. Valid Ryerson identification is required to pick up sheets or printouts. To ensure security, telephone orders are not accepted. Part-time and Continuing Education instructors are urged to obtain their TRS sheets in person at least two days before their examinations, or to order their sheets online. Further instructions on ordering sheets online are found below. Ryerson's Duplication & Printing Services.

Photocopies of TRS sheets cannot be used because they lack the dimensions and layout required by the optical hardware. You will receive one extra sheet with your request.

Ordering TRS Sheets Online:

Ensure you have activated your Ryerson Online Identity.

If you know your Ryerson Online Identity and password and you are ready to order TRS sheets, go to Ryerson's web portal at and follow these instructions:

Login to the my.ryerson portal with your my.ryerson username and password.

Under the Self Service module, click on Courses and Organizations.

Under the section Requests, click on Submit a Test Response System Print Request option.

Click the drop down box and select the term for which you would like to order TRS sheets.

Click the Select Term button.

The number of possible selections will depend upon the number of courses and sections you teach.

Note: If sections are missing in the section list, ask your School or Department to check with Registration Services or, for Continuing Education courses, with Continuing Education that you are associated with the right courses and sections.

(1) Select the course and section(s) for which you would like TRS sheets.
(2) Check the Confirm Request check box.
(3) Enter your Ryerson telephone extension in the Contact Phone Extension box.
(4) Select Default or Customized Print Preferences and Sheet Options:

  • Default provides 1 Master, 1 System, 1 Weight and 1 Set of sheets as well as all student sheets.  In addition, all sheets will be printed with Course Code and Section.  Student sheets will include student number, last name and initials.
  • Customized lets you change the number of optional sheets you want in addition to all student sheets.  Under Sheet Options, check the information you want printed on your sheets.  If you do not what the student's last name or number, uncheck the options.

(5) Uncheck to get BOTH email and hard copy of the Email report for Delivery Options for Grading Reports, otherwise leave the box checked for only getting an Email report as a default.

Master sheet — required — Contains correct answers and the anonymous survey option.
System sheet — optional — Provides more detail and email results options. If omitted, percentages with guessing adjustment will be provided.
Topic sheet — optional — Assigns questions to subsets.
Weight sheet — optional — Contains question weights.

Click the Confirm Request for Selected Courses button.

You will receive a confirmation of your submitted request. At this point you can request more TRS by selecting the appropriate term, return to the main Self Serve menu, or return to RAMSS by clicking the RAMSS tab at the top of the page.

TRS requests submitted before 2 pm will be available for pickup at Duplicating Services, 105 Bond Street, at 9 am the next business day. Valid Ryerson ID is required to pick up sheets or printouts.

You must pick up your printed TRS sheets prior to the end of term or they will be destroyed.