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Computer and Network Card Requirements

Computer & Network Card Requirements for Operating ResNet


Standard Specification

Minimum Specifications

Network Card for Desktop/Laptop  USB, PC Ethernet Card or Built-in Ethernet Ethernet Card
Ethernet Cable RJ-45 Ethernet Cable RJ-45 Ethernet Cable
Operating System Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS-X 10.4 and higher Windows 7, Mac OS-X 10.4
Processor  Pentium III and higher Pentium III
Memory 512 MB RAM and higher 512MB RAM 
Free Hard disk Space 300MB and higher 300MB

Limitations of ResNet 

  • ResNet does not support obsolete operating systems 
  • ResNet does not support servers of any kind 
  • ResNet does not support IPX connections 
  • ResNet does not support Windows based computers that do not have an up-to-date anti-virus software 
  • ResNet does not support computers that are infected with viruses