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With the most advanced Anti-Virus technology, Ryerson is committed to providing a virus free networking environment to its users. In addition, Ryerson is offering at no charge to all eligible users, an updated version of Sophos Anti-virus software. 

  1. Go to CCS Security Software download page.
  2. Click Students.
  3. Download appropriate version for your OS.

Compromised and virus laden computers that are brought onto the Ryerson Network can and will infect other computers that are not equipped with anti-virus software and are not patched with the latest Windows Updates. 

Users are responsible for their own Safe Computing. Ryerson will continue to be diligent to ensure that all users at the university are protected from viruses. We urge you to do your part by being just as diligent and practice safe and responsible computing by downloading the appropriate version for your OS.

  • The user MUST install a current version of anti-virus software on their computer before connecting to ResNet 
  • The user MUST ensure that their computer is free of viruses 
  • It is highly recommended that the all computers connected to ResNet are patched with the most current patches 




To protect the security and the overall operation of Ryerson's Network, computers infected with viruses will immediately be deactivated, without any prior notice, from ResNet. 

You will receive an email from ResNet. To check your E-mail - use one of the lab computers or another computer with an Internet connection.