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ResNet FAQ

If you have any question about ResNet, please see answers to our frequently asked questions.

ResNet is an Internet connection limited to Students living in the ILC and Pitman Hall Residences 

All ResNet users must adhere to the Terms and Conditions. Failure to comply with these conditions can result in the termination of the ResNet. 

Limited Help is available during move- in week on network connections only.

You may send an email to

Most new PCs include a Network Card. If your system does not have one you will have to purchase one. For information of the type of network card that you require – Computer Network Card Requirements.

You will require an RJ45 Ethernet cable. 

No, the Ethernet cable MUST be provided by the Student.  You may send an email to

Computers must be fully equipped and operational with the necessary network card. 

Ethernet Cards must have an RJ–45 port connection to be compatible with the network. The port looks like a standard telephone jack, only slightly larger. If your card does not have this type of connection, you will have to replace it with a card that does.

The only software required for ResNet is a supported Web Browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator).

You will have to purchase the RJ-45 cable. You may send an email to

ResNet is a shared service that can be used by all students in residence. You will find that access to servers on the campus very fast. Off campus speed will be dependent on the number of ResNet users sharing the service at any given time and the site being accessed. 

There are no limitations on how frequently or how long you can use the connection. There may, however, be limitations placed on how much information you can transfer. Exceeding this limit, such as sending/receiving very large files or many smaller files can result in temporary limitations being placed on your service.

Excessive Bandwidth is any usage that affects the overall integrity/performance of Ryerson University Network.

You will be able to do research, work on academic pursuits, surf the net, and use your e-mail from the comfort of your room.

Laptops are connected to the network in the same fashion as a desktop computer. If your laptop does not have an RJ-45 networking port, you must purchase a PC Network Card or USB.

Although, you may be able to get a connection, you may experience less than perfect results. Obsolete Operating Systems pose unique problems in regards to Network Cards and networking ability. Typically, you may experience resource conflicts which can have a negative effect on your computer. ResNet will only assist with connections on computers with the minimum specifications. 

ResNet works fine with Windows XP. 

NOTE: Windows XP includes built in Internet connection sharing features. This feature must be disable in order for ResNet to function properly.

Yes. You set up your control panels for Ethernet and connect dynamically through DHCP. For OS versions lower than X, please contact your manufacturer for instructions on connecting to an 10MB Ethernet network, Using DHCP.

No. ResNet Support assists with network connections ONLY. If you require assistance for other PC related issues, we suggest you employ the services of a computer store, at your expense.

Room change will have NO direct influence on your ResNet Internet connection. 

AOL can cause your connection to the Internet to be disabled. Please remove the AOL adapter and program from your system. 

Web - accelerator software can actually interfere with your connection to the residence network. It has proven to make the internet connection block out any web pages connected to a DNS server.

Hotmail and other web-based e-mail accounts require a connection to their server. If their server is busy or down, it will affect your ability to connect to your Hotmail account.

Unfortunately, there is no solution to this problem at this time. Blizzard's Battle Net requires the use of a port that is blocked by the Ryerson's firewall as it is a known target for hackers and a potential security risk for Unix Servers. Many other online gaming services operate fine.

Web conferencing and file transfer features on MSN and ICQ operate in a limited capacity from ResNet. Features that don't work usually require ports that are blocked by the firewall. Try using a different Instant Messaging program such as AOL's AIM or Yahoo Messenger. Most features that don't work in one will work in another.

If you still have questions, send an e-mail to