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RMail (Email Clients)

Setting Up an Email Client

You can access RMail by configuring an email client that communicates with the Ryerson mail server. Email clients use internet mail system protocols such as: SMTP, POP3, and IMAP.

Step-by-step instructions are available to assist you in setting up your preferred email client. Both Mozilla Thunderbird and MS Outlook are detailed in this section. Select your choice from the left sub-menu. Full support is not available for users choosing to use an email client due to the wide range of home systems.


Quick Reference to RMail Client Settings
Setting Details
Outgoing server outgoing smtp server:
smtp port: 587
enable: TLS security
IMAP server imap server:
imap ssl port: 993 (secure - recommended setting)
POP server pop3 server:
pop3 ssl port: 995 (secure - recommended setting)


The Academic Computing Help Desk at KHW71 is not available to help with problems encountered when setting up email clients other than the three mentioned above.




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