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RMail (Email Client): Account Settings

To open Account Settings and change server information, go to Tools > Account Settings.  Select your Ryerson account then click View Settings for this Account. Follow the steps shown below:

(If you have not yet setup your Ryerson account, please follow the steps outlined under Opening Thunderbird.)

1. The left hand side of this window will display your current email account with a selection of options below it. Choose Server Settings if the menu has not selected this by default. 

2. From here you can change server information as well as login information. 

Account Settings window displaying server settings

Account Server Setting

To setup Ryerson as the Outgoing Server (SMTP), select the Outgoing Server (SMTP) option from the left menu of the Account Settings screen.  Click Add. 

Select the Outgoing Server (SMTP) option from Account Settings window

Set Ryerson as Outgoing Server

Enter the Settings for the Ryerson SMTP server. 

Enter the Settings for Ryerson SMTP: Server name and Port 587

Enter the Settings for Ryerson SMTP: Server name and Port 587

Select Ryerson SMTP server as the Outgoing Server (SMTP) for your Ryerson email account. 

Mozilla Thunderbird is now configured and you can access your Ryerson email. 

Select Ryerson SMTP server as the Outgoing Server (SMTP)

Select Ryerson SMTP server