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RMail (Email Client): Organizing Your Address Book

To open the Address Book, click the Address Book icon in the Toolbar.

Similar to many screens and windows in Thunderbird, the Address Book also has Toolbar icons, panels and folders to help you organize and navigate through your contacts. The following table will explain the purposes of the icons in the Toolbar.

The Prime Address Book Icons and Their Functions

Icons Function

New Contact
Creates a New Contact.

New List
Creates a New List (group) of contacts.

Opens the contact card

Creates a new email message with the contact(s) you select placed in the Header.

Deletes the contact from your contact list.

When the Address Book is opened, all the contacts in your Personal Address Book are listed in alphabetical order by default. The columns in the Contact List panel allow you to sort your contacts according to name, email, screen name, organization, and work phone number, in ascending or descending order. If you would like to have different columns displayed in this panel, click the drop down icon on the right to display a list of available options.

Address Book

Contact List in the Address Book

While you are reading an email, you have the option to save the email addresses of your received message, or to manually add contacts directly into the Address Book. To save an address from a received email, click on the link in the header which displays the contact’s email address. A menu will appear beside the pointer of the mouse. Here, select Add to Address Book.

Menu showing options for adding new contact to Address Book

Add to Address Book

A New Card entry form window will be displayed. Complete the fields you require then click OK to save and add the entry to your Address Book.

If you wish to create a new entry directly in the Address Book, click New Card in the Toolbar of the Address Book and the New Card window will appear. Similarly, you can create a new group of contacts by clicking the New List icon in the Toolbar.

To delete a contact, perform the following steps:

  • Click the Address Book icon in the Toolbar of the Thunderbird window
  • In the Contact List panel, select the contact you wish to delete.
  • Click Delete in the Toolbar - or - left click and select Delete.

Each contact in the Address Book can be updated individually. 

To update an individual contact:

  • Click Address Book in the Toolbar of the Thunderbird window
  • In the Contact List panel, select the contact you wish to update
  • Click Properties in the Toolbar and an Edit Card window will appear

When you have finished updating the contact’s information, click OK at the bottom of the window.

Many times when you are composing an email, you may want to use the Address Book to look up the email address of the recipients. In the Message Composition window, go to the Menu Bar and select View > Contact Sidebar. Now the Contact Sidebar will appear on the left side of the window. Select the contact you want to use in your email message then click the Add To button to place the contact’s email address in the Tofield of the email header. To use a mailing list you created in your Address Book, enter the group name. This distributes the email to all members in the list.

Contact Sidebar displaying Address Book and adding options

Add a Contact to a Message