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RMail (Email Client): Opening Thunderbird

If this is your first time opening Thunderbird, the Account Wizard will prompt you through the initial setup as follows:

On the Mail Account Setup screen, enter your Name, Email Address, and Password. Use your full name or any other name as it will be seen by others. Email Address and Password must match your existing Email Address and Password. Click Continue

Mail Account Setup window

Setting Server Information

1. Thunderbird will attempt to connect to the server based on common names and settings. Click Manual Config to change port to 993

Mail Account Setup window with connected incoming and outgoing servers

Thunderbird Auto-Connecting

2. You can now set the Incoming IMAP port to 993.  Continue to config your settings as shown in the image below.  After completing your changes, click Re-test.

Mail Account Setup window used to edit Server Information

Editing Server Information

3. When you have successfully connected to both servers, click Create Account to finish. 

Note: In the event that Thunderbird does not automatically open with the Mail Account Setup window, you can manually launch your setup by selecting Create new account under Accounts in the main area of Thunderbird. 

Window used to create new account

 Create new account