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Saving And Viewing Attached Files

If someone sends you an email with an attached file, you can either view the file or save it. Thunderbird displays attachments either "inline" (default - inside the body of the email) or "as links". Attachments such as plain text, HTML or graphics files (GIF or JPG) display inline within the body of the message. Attachments requiring additional software for viewing, such as binary files created by word processors, spreadsheet software or compilers display as links in the header of the message.

Thunderbird email with attached file

Fig. 1 - An Email Message with a File Attachment

Inline attachments are displayed in the Message Content panel after the Message Text. These attachments, whether inline or displayed as links, can be downloaded by double clicking on the icon in the section below the Message Content panel. Click Save As in the Opening window - or – choose Open in the Opening window if you wish to open the file to view the contents if the appropriate software is available on your work station. Make your selection then click OK.

**Note: Do not open attached files if you are unsure of the contents of the file or the sender. Never open an attachment unless you are expecting a file from the sender. This will avoid infecting your computer with a virus. Always save the file to disk and run a virus scan on the attachment before opening the file.


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