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RMail (Email Client): Sending an Email Message

When you create a message in the Compose window, there are icons at the top of the window for easy access.

Icon Function
Send Mail icon

Sends the message you are creating.

Spell Check icon

Checks the spelling of the contents of your message.

Attach File icon

Attaches a file from your local system.

Security Settings icon

Details the security settings of your message and the encryption level for specific recipients. Designed for sensitive messages that require more security than a casual personal message.

Save Email icon Saves a copy of the email that you are composing for future use. A copy of the message is placed in the Drafts folder.

When you finish composing your message, you may want to check your spelling. Click the Spell icon. This icon will activate the Spell Check software within Thunderbird to scan for spelling mistakes in your email message text. 

To send your message, click the Send icon or click File > Send Now. If you are not ready to send your email, you may store your email by clicking File > Send Later in the compose window. Thunderbird stores the email as Local Mail in a Drafts folder which can be found in the Folder panel. 

Thunderbird does not immediately tell you if you have used an invalid RMail address when you type an address in the To field. Instead, when you attempt to send the message an error message pops up. In the example below, jsmith is incorrectly spelt.

Pop up indicating invalid Email Address used

Fig. 1 - Invalid Email Address Error

Mail incorrectly addressed to someone outside of Ryerson is initially sent and is later returned (“bounced”) to your Inbox with a header explaining why the server rejected the message.

Note: You must use the full email address (including the suffix) of the user you wish to send a message to in Thunderbird.

Pop up window indicating invalid Email address form used

Fig. 2 - Invalid form for Email address