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Test for a Bad Dell Certificate

  1. To check if Dell computer has the bad Root certificate, go to the following website:

    Dell bad Certificate

    The image above shows that the computer has the bad certificate. If your computer has the bad certificate, proceed to section Remove the Bad Dell Certificate.

    If the bad certificate is not found, no further action is required.

Remove the Bad Dell Certificate

  1. Click on the link below to download a patch tool that will automatically remove the bad certificate:

    Program to remove bad certificate

  2. Run the downloaded program.

  3. Click on the “Yes” button as shown below to allow the program to run. You will get a confirmation screen that the process was successful or failed.

    Allow Program to run

  4. Re-run the test in section: Test for a Bad Dell Certificate and verify that the bad certificate has been removed.

    If the program is run on a system in which the bad certificate is not installed, a pop up window will appear saying “Issue Not Found”.



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