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Traditional Faxing

Each department has a regular paper fax machine.

Fax Repairs

Repairs to fax line connections are free of charge.

Repairs and service of paper fax machines is done through the manufacturer. CCS does not repair fax machines. 

To report a broken fax, please contact CCS Help Desk.


XMediusFAX is a network fax server which lets you send, receive and manage faxes through an internet connection, instead of a fax machine or fax modem.

To access XMediusFAX, you will need your XMediusFAX user ID and password. Your XMediusFAX user ID will be your my.ryerson user ID appended by, e.g. To get your XMediusFAX password, please contact the CCS Help Desk at ext. 556806.

For departmental Common Fax Scanners, download the XMediusFAX client and install the XMediusFAX client.  Follow the installation instructions provided here.

Please choose one of the following links based on your need for XMediusFAX:

Read Downloading & Installing XMediusFAX section to learn about how to download and install XMediusFAX.

Read Using XMediusFAX section to learn about how to use XMediusFAX.

Advantages of XMediusFAX

  • Reduced equipment costs (no need for fax machines or fax modems).
  • Reduced local telephone line costs (no need for dedicated analog fax lines).
  • Reduced operating costs for sending faxes (cost of printing document using fax machine, cost of toners).

Options and Prices

Services Offered Setup Fees Monthly Fees
Option 1:
New physical fax service request (*cost of fax machine is extra)
$487.88 $16.76
Option 2:
New XMediusFAX service request
$20.45 $8.24
Option 3:
Move from physical to digital fax request (*no additional setup fees charged.)
$0 $8.24
Option 4:
Monthly fees for users who continue to maintain physical & digital (*existing users only. This option is no longer available)
$0 $23.76

See more information on google sheethow charges are calculated, external link

Notes regarding costs:

  • There is a one-time Bell Canada service charge of $55.
  • Long distance charges are billed separately.
  • Send faxes directly and securely from the desktop
  • No need to print document before faxing them
  • Eliminate the 'fax machine commute'
  • Allow users to receive fax notifications in their email
  • Supports sending attachments from Windows applications (including Microsoft Office) as well as numerous graphic file types.
  • Send to fax machines and email addresses in one transmission
  • Detailed fax transmission reports
  • Faxes can be stored on the XMediusFAX server or your local hard drive
  • Faxes can be routed or just copied to others
  • Cover sheets can be customized and are automatically filled with all sender and recipient fax details
  • Faxes can be sent to multiple recipients with the cover sheet customized to each
  • Encrypted transmission
  • Fax transmission is fully automatic
  • Faxes no longer need to be printed or left on a fax machine where they may be viewed by others
  • Password-protected login to server