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Long Distance Reports for Authorized Faculty & Staff

Long Distance Reports are available only for authorized faculty and staff. Authorized user will be able to access only reports that they have access to

  1. To access the long distance extension report, click the following URL:

2. Enter your Avotus username and password. If you do not know your Avotus username and password, send an email with your department's name to

Avotus login screen. Sign in with login and password. Select the desired language.

3. The following screen will appear. Click the plus-sign next to "Public Reports" on the left hand side.

Expand public reports list

4. The List of Reports screen will appear. Click on the preferred option. For example: "Staff Current Month Summary".

List of reports under Public Reports

5. A .csv report will appear, as shown below, with extension detail information and the associated cost center. Click on the image to enlarge it.

NOTE: Only Extensions that have made long distance calls will appear in the report – if a specific extension did not make long distance calls then that extension will not appear in the report.

PDF fileLong Distance Report