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Using SpeechAttendant (general)

Callers will be asked to speak the first and last name of a person or the name of the department or service they require and will be connected to their party by the SpeechAttendant system. If the system is unable to identify the correct individual or department, the call will be transferred to:

  • A Switch Board Operator during the regular business hours OR
  • Off-hours Operator during after hours


Instructions to Call Ryerson Personnel and Departments

  • Dial ext. 5072 (on-campus) or 416.979.5072 (off-campus)
  • Follow one of the following:
    • Give the first and last name of the person, or the name of the department you wish to reach OR
    • Say 'first time caller' if you want to hear further instructions OR
    • Say 'operator' if you are not sure who to speak with


Instructions to Confirm Your Name and Telephone Number:

  • Dial ext. 5072 (on-campus) or 416.979.5072 (off-campus)
  • When prompted, say your own name
  • The system will either transfer you directly or ask you to confirm your request. In either case make sure your name is pronounced correctly and the system transfers you to the correct telephone number
  • If the system does not pronounce your name correctly, please refer to 'Instructions to Re-record Your Name' section 

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Instructions to Re-record Your Name

  • Please contact the CCS Help Desk at or at ext. 6806 to get a password to access SpeechAttendant. It may take approximately one business day before a pin is given to you as a password
  • Once you receive your pin, please refer to the instructions below:
    • From a quiet environment, dial 5072 (on-campus) or 416.979.5072 (off-campus)
    • Press 123 to access the name recorder (To be able to record your name, you need to find it in the directory first)
    • When prompted with: 
      "Welcome to the Name Recorder. Please identify yourself by saying: My name is..., followed by your name” 
      simply say your name
    • Follow the instructions to confirm your identity, then enter the name recorder password (that is: your pin you just got) and press #
    • When prompted, say your name, and then follow the instructions to accept your recording or make another one

Your new name recording should be available within 10 business days. During that time the system will use your name recording for confirmation requests and during call transfers.

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Phone icon416-979-5000 ext. 6840


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Phone icon416-979-5000 ext. 6806


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