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Using Your Own Telephone for Teleconferencing

Your telephone has a CONF or CONF/TRN feature button. This allows you to add other parties to an existing conversation.

  1. Dial the first party
  2. To add others:
    1. Press the  CONF or CONF/TRN key
    2. Listen for dial tone
    3. Dial the number of the next party
    4. Press the CONF or CONF/TRN key again
  3. All three parties (including you) are connected
  4. You can repeat this procedure to add up to 5 parties


Using An Audio Teleconferencing Unit

If you require more than one person to participate while in the same room on campus, you can arrange to teleconference using a two-way speaker phone device. Special audio teleconferencing units can be set up using existing active phone lines. Media Services has a limited number of audio teleconferencing units available for booking. Charges apply for delivery. Audio teleconferencing units can be booked by contacting the CCS Help Desk.


Using the Bridging Services

To connect numerous participants dialing in using individual phone lines you will need to use the bridging services. These services provide a central telephone number which meeting participants access from their phone using a passcode number. To arrange bridging services and set up an account for an audio teleconference place your order with the help desk at ext 6806.  

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