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Telephone Services

The telephone services offered at Ryerson University are available for staff throughout the campus.

Getting a New Phone at Ryerson University

To get a new phone, all staff and faculty is advised to follow the link to New Telephone/Extension Installation form. Follow these steps:

  • Use your my.ryerson username and password on the login screen
  • Fill in the form and submit.  

Note:  Do not use form for multiple installations or project installations, rather email with details and cost code.

Using Your New Phone and Its Features

Places an established call on Hold

  • Press the HOLD key
  • An arrow will begin flashing on the first line at the bottom (line key)
  • To Re-establish connection, press the key which the line arrow is pointing to

Listen through the speaker while being put on hold

  • Press the HOLD key (line key flashes)
  • Place the handset in the cradle
  • Press the line key associated with the line you put on hold (it will change from flashing to steady)
  • When the party returns, lift the handset

Redirects calls to another extension or directly to voicemail

To Activate:

  • Press the FORWARD key (the indicator flashes)
  • Dial the extension number
  • Press the FORWARD key again (indicator is steady)

To Deactivate:

  • Press the FORWARD key (steady indicator is gone) and the call forwarding is cancelled

To Re-instate:

  • Press the FORWARD key twice

Transfers an established call to another extension or directly to voicemail

  • Press the TRN/CONF key
  • Listen for dial tone
  • Dial the extension number and announce the transfer of the call
  • Press the TRN/CONF key
  • Hang up or press RLS

Adds a third party to an existing conversation

  • Press the TRN/CONF key
  • Listen for dial tone
  • Dial the extension of the third party
  • Announce the conference
  • Press the TRN/CONF key
  • All three parties are connected

Allows private consultation with a second party while putting the first party on hold

  • Press the TRN/CONF key
  • Listen for dial tone
  • Dial the number of the third party
  • Consult with the third party
  • When consultation is complete, press the flashing line key (to connect to your original call with first party)

Automatically dials a stored number

To Program:

  • Press the AUTO DIAL key (indicator flashes)
  • Enter the number to be stored (up to 16 digits)
  • Press the AUTO DIAL key again

To Use:

  • Lift the receiver or press the line key (for dial tone)
  • Press the AUTO DIAL key (number is dialled)

Monitors a busy extension and notification is given when it is free (internal only)

To Activate:

  • After the busy signal, press the RING AGAIN key
  • Hang up

To Answer:

  • After the RING AGAIN tone (indicating extension is now free), lift the handset
  • Press the RING AGAIN key (system will place the call)

Answers a co-worker's phone from your extension

  • Press any idle line key
  • Press the CALL PICK-UP key (you are automatically connected to calling party)

Redials the last number dialled from your set

  • Press the line key from your set and the number is automatically redialled

Getting Service and Relocation

All staff and faculty can get their phone serviced or relocated: up to two phones or more than two phones.  Follow these steps:

  • You will see a login page first where you should use your my.ryerson username and password.
  • Fill in the form and submit (only for single relocates)

Note:  Do not use the form for multiple relocations, rather email the details.

Cost of Phone Services

System Description Cost of Device One-time Fees (License & Labour) Monthly Fees
SIP 9611 sets $248.18 $363.43 $15.52

Note: If additional cabling is required, additional installation charges may be incurred

System Description Setup Fee One Time License Fee Monthly Fees
Fax (analogue) $467.43   $15.52
Direct-In-Dial (DID) (limited) $20.45   $1.24
Temporary phone installation for conferences $75 + $0.78 (daily)    
CallPilot   $91.08 $2.15
Officelinx (Google integration)*   $28.51 $2.00

* Officelinx Voicemail will only work with SIP phones

Voicemail messages in Google are treated as Ryerson Records.

Users are advised to delete any personal voicemail messages from their Google mail

Note: Capital project prices may differ depending on equipment available at the requested time.

Description Cost of Device/Service One-time License Fees Monthly Fees
Name change (i.e. changing the name of an existing phone - person A left ext. xxxx and new person B being set up at ext. xxxx) No charge    
Relocation (moving one or more phone extensions from one location to another) $75 per phone moving (additional cabling charges may apply)    
Upgrade Phone
  - to SIP (Desktop & Mobile Clients) $248.18 $90.30 $15.52
Upgrade Voicemail
  - Officelinx (Google integration)*   No charge   $2.00

* Officelinx Voicemail will only work with SIP phones

Voicemail messages cannot be transferred between CallPilot and Officelinx systems

If you need to reach Ryerson Security and Emergency Services, please call 416-979-5040. In an emergency, please dial 911.

Get more information on google sheethow charge is calculated, external link