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Using VApps

After the VApps Client installation, you can use VApps in two ways:

Log in to, opens in new window. Use any of the available applications.

Use VApps from your desktop without using a browser after the first time. You do not need to remember the VApps URL, and your favourite VApps applications can be started from the Start Menu.

Note: The setup process may look different on different browsers but the method of installation is the same.

Setup for the first time (Using Internet Explorer 11)

  1. Using a browser, log on to VApps (, opens in new window).

  2. Click Activate on the drop-down menu.

    Virtual applications add apps option

  3. Click Save and Open.

    Window prompt with the message: Do you want to open or save (614 bytes) from

  4. Click Add.

    Window Prompt with the message: Do you want to add 'VAPPS' provided by 'Ryerson University'?

  5. Enter your my.ryerson username and password.

    Vapps login

  6. Any previously added favourite applications will be displayed on the Citrix Receiver screen. You can now close the browser. Click the application icon to open and start using it.

    Vapps added applications

    You can now run your favourite VApps applications from the Start Menu.

    Vapps shown in Start Menu