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Adobe Troubleshooting

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The Adobe CC troubleshooting guide is to support Ryerson faculty and staff with Adobe Creative Cloud inquiries.

2. At the Adobe sign in screen, type your Ryerson email address and click Continue.

The Adobe 'sign in' screen displays the email address field and a blue 'continue' button.

3. You will be prompted to select an account. Choose Company or School Account.

The Adobe 'select an account' screen prompts the user to choose either the 'personal account' or the 'company or school account' option.

4. After you sign in, the program will download by using the installer.

The screen displays the Adobe installer page. A file to install the application is in the bottom left corner of the screen.

5. Follow the installer prompts. If a security message pops up, grant permission to install the Adobe Creative Cloud app.

An Adobe Creative Cloud pop up screen displays the installing process for the Adobe desktop application.

6. The application will launch after the installation completes. Sign in/out by clicking on the blue circle, and then click, Sign out. This should allow the Adobe Creative Cloud to update to your new license.

The Adobe Creative Cloud homepage shows a blue profile circle on the top-right corner, that when clicked, gives the user an option to sign out from the Adobe account.

7. All Adobe applications available in your subscription will be under "Available in your plan." To download your desired app, navigate to the app, and click install.

The "Available in your plan" heading on the Adobe Creative Cloud application home page displays 2 apps: Adobe XD and Premiere Rush. Each app has an "install" button in the right bottom corner.

Video Tutorial: How to Download and Install Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application

1. Log in/out of the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app using your my.ryerson credentials. Once you enter your Ryerson email address, select Company or School Account. You will then be prompted to enter your my.ryerson password. Once completed, click Sign In.

The Adobe Creative Cloud homepage shows a blue profile circle on the top-right corner, that when clicked, gives the user an option to sign out from the Adobe account.

2. To update your Adobe Creative Cloud apps, open the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application located at the top of the page.

The Adobe Creative Cloud displays three options: Desktop, Mobile and Web. The Desktop option is outlined with a red box.

3. At the top-left of the window, click help and then click check for updates. You can also click on updates on the left panel. Before updating, ensure your system clock is correct. 

The screen presents the process to update the Adobe Desktop Application. The Help drop down menu at the top of the screen displays the Check for updates option. The Apps panel on the left side of the screen again highlights the Updates option.

Some of the common Adobe CC problems that users may face are shown below:

1. Appears as a free plan despite having the correct license (all adobe apps should be available, not partially).

The screen highlights the Adobe applications available in the user's subscription. The install button is listed below every app. A list of free Adobe app trials are also mentioned at the bottom of the screen.

2. If the user has an upgraded Adobe license but still it shows a trial/free version.


Adobe's my plans page allows the user to either view their plan or upgrade the same. The left side of the screen also lists the user's order history, billing history and my products.

3. If the user is unable to access apps and gets the subscription expired message which is then presented with pricing information.

The Adobe screen displays a red circle highlighting a subscription expired message. On the right, the user is presented with the options to either renew their subscription or activate a new one.

4. “This feature is not included in your current Acrobat license,” trial expired.

Adobe applications including Photoshop and Acrobat DC are listed on the installed page. Photoshop is displayed to be updating, while the Acrobat DC has a trial expired error.

A recommended solution to all these issues is to sign out and sign back in the Adobe Creative Cloud application as previously demonstrated.