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ConferenceMe Instructions

ConferenceMe is a small, lightweight application installed on your computer that allows remote users to join video conferences. If your computer/laptop has a video camera and microphone or if you connect external devices, they can be utilized and you will be considered a participant. Otherwise, you will just be able to observe the conference.

Instructions: Downloading Software

Downloading software

To begin, download the install file and copy it to your desktop. Double click the icon to begin installation.

Install the file

You may receive the following screen to verify that you want to run this executable file. Click “Run” to begin.

The following installation screen should appear, click Next.

The following screen should appear, click the “I accept...” checkbox and click “Install”.

Allow the program to install. This should only take a few moments.

Once the program has successfully installed, click the “Finish”button.

Afterwards, click the link that was sent to you, or may be sent to you at a later date, to join the conference. Simply find the link in your email and either click it (if possible), or copy and paste it into your browser. Follow the next steps to the join the conference.

Instructions: Joining a Conference using ConferenceMe

In your browser, you will be brought to the Codian Conference window. In this window you can select to “Automatically join next time”. Enabling this feature will automatically start any ConferenceMe link from now on. Next, click on the link “Click here to join the conference using ConferenceMe”.

When you click the link to start ConferenceMe, your computer may ask you which program you wish to run using the link. Select ConferenceMe from the list and click OK. It may also ask you to allow the program to start. Please click “Allow” to start the program.

The ConferenceMe program will open and attempt to connect directly the conference in session.

NOTE: Depending on who created the conference, there may be a password. If so, it will always be numeric, please use the numeric keypad on your keyboard to enter the passcode and hit Enter. If not, please see step 4.

Once you are connected, you will begin to see the participants. If you have a camera and microphone enabled, you will be able to participate and be viewed by all participants. Otherwise, you will just be an observer of the conference.