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CDH Symposium "Mediating Lives and Stories" Poster



8:30    Registration & Coffee

9:00    Welcome: Jason Boyd

9:15   MORNING KEYNOTE: Leslie Howsam

"Digging Histories out of Victorian Data: Mining the Periodical Press Online"

Introducer: Catherine Ellis (Chair, History)

10:15   Coffee break

10:30   Making: Outsets and Outcomes (SSHRC-Funded Digital Projects)

Andrew O’Malley and Zachari Miller
"Developing The Innocence Project"

Paul Moore
“A 'Distant Reading' of the 'Local View': Using Digital Newspaper Databases for North American Film History"

Lorraine Janzen Kooistra
"13 digital volumes later…..or, what we know now and wish we’d known in 2005 when we started building an electronic edition of The Yellow Book (1894-97)"

11:30     Mining: Methods for the Analysis of Community and Communication Networks

Alison Hedley and Dennis Hogan
"Towards a Personography of the 1890s Avant-garde Periodical Community"

Michelle Schwartz
"Visualizing Gay Liberation in Canada: Using Digital Tools to Represent People and Places"

Frauke Zeller
 "Multimodal Communication: Crossing Methodological Borders"

12:30     Lunch (check out our local eatery recommendations!)

2:00        Meaning: Poetry, Stories, and Play Using Digital Tools

Aaron Tucker
"Prototyping the Chessbard Engine: A Chess-to-Poetry Translator"

Reg Beatty
"Making Phabulous Books: Thoughts on the Psychogeographic Phone"

Fangmin Wang
"Developing RULAMaps"

Jason Boyd and Maddie Crothers
"Toronto of Old/Toronto of Now: A Locative Social Edition of Henry Scadding's Toronto of Old (1873)"

Maria-Gabriella Khoury and JT Blanco (Masters, Digital Media): "Geornal: Using Geosocial Media for Play and Storytelling"

3:30   Coffee break

3:45   AFTERNOON KEYNOTE:  Shawn Micallef (editor and co-owner, Spacing magazine)

"[murmur] — telling stories from the sidewalks"

Introducer: Laura Fisher (English)

4:45   Closing Remarks: Jason Boyd

Reg Beatty (, @abookaboy) is a bookbinder and book artist working out of his studio in Toronto. He is also the project manager of Ryerson’s Centre for Digital Humanities.


Jose Tomas “JT” Blanco (, @jtblanco) is a Master’s candidate in the Ryerson’s Masters of Digital Media (MDM) programme. He has a background in Media production, marketing and concept development. He is currently working with an MDM colleague developing a startup focused in social integration and community living.


Jason Boyd (, @jasonaboyd) is Assistant Professor of English and Acting Co-Director, Centre for Digital Humanities, Ryerson University. He is interested in digital social editing practices and creative and scholarly uses of mobile technologies.


Maddie Crothers (, @mjrcrothers) is a graduate student in Digital Media at Ryerson University. She has a background in marketing and social media, working at both small agencies and large corporations. Her current focus is on the integration of digital technologies at museums and art galleries.


Alison Hedley ( @hedleyalison) is a doctoral student in Ryerson's Communications and Culture program. Her research concerns popular illustrated periodicals of fin-de-siècle Britain. As a research assistant for the CDH, she also contributes to the Yellow Nineties' Personography Project.


Dennis Hogan (,@dennismhogan) is a Masters student in Ryerson’s Literatures of Modernity program. His work focuses on British and French literature of the fin de siècle.


Leslie Howsam (; @lesliehowsam) is University Professor in the Department of History at the University of Windsor. She is past-president of the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing and on the executive committee of the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals. She edited the forthcoming Cambridge Companion to the History of the Book.


Maria-Gabriella Khoury (, @mgktweeting) is a student at Ryerson’s Masters of Digital Media (MDM) programme. She has a background in finance and has worked with several startups. She is currently working with one of her MDM colleagues on an online journaling platform.


Lorraine Janzen Kooistra (, @LJanzenKooistra) is Professor English at Ryerson University and Co-Director of the Centre for Digital Humanities in the Faculty of Arts. Together with Dennis Denisoff, she co-edits The Yellow Nineties Online,  an open-access  peer-reviewed site featuring digital editions of aesthetic periodicals of the 1890s, a complementary historical archive of paratextual materials, scholarly biographies of contributors, and critical commentary on the periodicals. April 2014 marks the launch of our complete digital edition of The Yellow Book (1894-96).


Shawn Micallef ( @shawnmicallef) is a Toronto Star columnist, editor and co-owner of Spacing magazine, a University of Toronto instructor, and author of Stroll: Psychogeographic Walking Tours of Toronto and Full Frontal T.O. His forthcoming book: The Trouble with Brunch: Class, Fashion, and the Pursuit of Leisure will be out in June.


Paul S. Moore ( is Graduate Director of Communication and Culture at Ryerson University, and President of the Film Studies Association of Canada. In addition to studies of early cinema and itinerant showmen, a forthcoming book with Sandra Gabriele, The Sunday Paper, explores the intermedial circulation of illustrated weekend newspapers in North America.


Andrew O’Malley ( Associate Professor in the English Department of Ryerson University. his most recent monograph is Children’s Literature, Popular Culture, and Robinson Crusoe (Palgrave 2012).  At present, Andrew is working on a digitally curated exhibition on the comics controversy and the crisis of childhood innocence in the 1940s and 50s.  This project was recently awarded an Insight Development Grant by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.


Michelle Schwartz (, @michelinaneri) is Research Associate at Learning & Teaching Office, Ryerson University.  She is co-director of Lesbian and Gay Liberation in Canada, a pilot project for the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory.


Aaron Tucker (, @SSH205) is a professor in the English Department at Ryerson University. His poetic works and reviews have been published across Canada and his collection of essays Interfacing with the Internet in Popular Cinema is going to be published in July of 2014.


Fangmin Wang (, @fangminwang) is the Head, Library Information Technology Services at the Ryerson University Library & Archives (RULA). He is interested in innovative use of technology in higher education.


Frauke Zeller (, @fraukezeller) is Assistant Professor in the School of Professional Communication at Ryerson University. Before she joined Ryerson last Fall, she worked at the Centre of Digital Humanities at University College London, UK. She is interested in linguistic and multimodal analyses of different kinds of digital communication.