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Dress from Ryerson Fashion Collection

FRC Virtual Exhibitions and Online Storytelling

PI: Dr. Ingrid Mida, FRC Collection Co-ordinator

Curator Maria Luisa Frisa once described the curatorial process as evolving from the piecing together of fragments to imagine a story. In this project, the rich interdisciplinary narratives of the artifacts in the Ryerson Fashion Research Collection will be harnessed to create virtual exhibitions of garments, accessories, photographs and other ephemera dating back to the early nineteenth century. In using storytelling to link selected artifacts, it is hoped that the interdisciplinary potential of this collection will be embraced across disciplines, universities and museums. This process has already begun in ‘loaning’ objects to the On the Properties of Things project, and will be further developed through a dedicated portal to bring additional connections, stories, and memories related to these artifacts to light. 

Project Website: