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3D Printed Poetry Inside Printer

Loss Sets

Project Lead: Aaron Tucker
Collaborators: Jordan Scott, Namir Ahmed and Tiffany Cheung

Loss Sets translates poems co-written by Jordan Scott and Aaron Tucker into sculptures printed with 3D printers. The project aims to respond to the multiples of loss (physical, environmental, artistic, personal) that occur in 2016 and, as such, the poems respond to a number of topics that include ISIS’s destruction of millennium-old artwork, the melting of Canadian ice fields and sculptures, the death of loved ones, prosthetics, decaying memories. Working with Ryerson’s Digital Media Experience Lab, the Ryerson Geospatial Maps and Data Centre and the Ryerson Centre for Digital Humanities, the PI first turns the poems into coordinates along the X,Y and Z axes after which Namir Ahmed, Tiffany Cheung and Aaron Tucker collaboratively map those points into the 3D modeling software Rhino. Using the Rhino plug-in Grasshopper, the models are further manipulated by using geographical information from the Columbia Ice Fields until a sculpture is “carved away” from a 32x32x32 cube. The results are then printed using a 3D printer, photographed, and displayed. read more about the team