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Photograph of all thirteen volumes of The Yellow Book

The Yellow Nineties Online


Editors: Dennis Denisoff and Lorraine Janzen Kooistra

Focused on The Yellow Book and other avant-garde aesthetic periodicals that flourished in Great Britain at the fin de siècle, The Yellow Nineties Online is an open-access, peer-reviewed electronic resource. The site publishes facsimile editions of periodicals that expressed, in their distinctive material features, a politics of style engaging with contemporary issues of individual, group, and national identity. Available in a variety of formats (flip book; html; pdf; xml), these periodicals may be read online, searched, and downloaded. Completed editions include The Yellow Book (13 volumes) and The Pagan Review (1 volume). The Evergreen (4 volumes) is available for both reading online and downloading, and is being marked up for searching. The Dial, The Green Sheaf, and The Savoy are in preparation. Preserving the physical features of each periodical in virtual form, together with paratexts of production and reception (such as cover designs, advertising materials, and reviews) enables users to analyze the significance of each periodical’s materiality as well as its content. To enhance contextual study, the editors write a critical introduction for each volume and publish peer-reviewed biographies of contributors and associates written by international experts in the field. The site also offers self-reflexive essays on the critical processes involved in this large-scale digital humanities project, as we believe the aesthetic periodicals of the long 1890s anticipate key conceptual and methodological concerns of electronic scholarship. Committed to collaborative scholarship, the editors welcome submissions to the “Pedagogical Applications” page from teachers using the site. All documents are marked up and fully searchable, and the site has been peer-reviewed by NINES (Networked Infrastructure for Nineteenth-Century Electronic Scholarship).

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The Yellow Nineties Online Pageant Project

Project Team Lead: Fred King

The Pageant is an Aesthetic annual that published two issues in 1896 and 1897. Edited by Gleeson White and Charles Hazelwood Shannon, The Pageant features work by important figures of British Aestheticism and the international Decadence of the 1890s. The goal of this project is to present a digital edition that communicates the historical and cultural significance of this journal to late-Victorian literature and culture. In addition, an edited online edition of The Pageant will offer a significant contribution to The Yellow Nineties Online as that larger project places its ongoing study of The Yellow Book into material conversation with other significant periodicals of the fin de siècle.

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The Yellow Nineties Online Personography Project

Project Team Lead: Alison Hedley
Research Team: Lorraine Janzen Kooistra, Reg Beatty
Collaborators: Bassam Chiblak, Dennis Denisoff, Dennis Hogan, Emilie-Andrée Jabouin

The Yellow Nineties Personography is a biographical database that documents information about the contributors to four avant-garde periodicals of 1890s Britain: The Yellow Book, The Pagan Review, The Savoy, and The Evergreen. The personography emerged out of The Yellow Nineties Online, a scholarly exhibition site and critical resource for The Yellow Book and the other three periodicals listed. With the Y90s personography, we seek to articulate the lively social and cultural networks of the artists and writers who contributed to these four publications. The biographical database of contributors will provide marked-up data we can analyze using visualization tools, opening up new lines of inquiry about the relationships and politics that shaped the late-Victorian avant-garde arts scene. We will also make this dataset available (as a spreadsheet and as TEI-conformant XML) to other researchers investigating fin-de- siècle culture and its artistic and literary productions.


The Yellow Nineties Online Database of Ornament Project

Project Team Lead: Lorraine Janzen Kooistra
Research Team: Kaitlyn Fralick, Reg Beatty
Collaborators: Laura Chapnick, Chelsea Miya

A digital research tool built in OMEKA software, The Database of Ornament categorizes and indexes textual ornaments from Victorian periodicals and establishes a standard vocabulary set for markup in digital editions on The Yellow Nineties Online. The Database allows the research team to collect, display, and compare ornament types across periodical titles. The first phase of the project aims to create visual files, descriptive metadata, and a standard vocabulary for the textual ornaments in the four volumes of The Evergreen: A Northern Magazine. The second phase of the project will expand to include other Y90s periodicals with textual ornaments, such as The Savoy, The Dial, and The Greensheaf. Digital editions of these magazines on The Yellow Nineties Online will be hyperlinked to the Database to expand users’ understanding of the importance of textual ornaments to fin-de- siècle aesthetic magazines and to allow them to collect, compare, and analyze a rich visual archive of ornaments used in fin-de- siècle aesthetic magazines.

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